Warlock of Lust is an adult game being developed by Mike Velesk. Development started in 2018. It is an RPG game with management and tactical combat elements situated in a medieval/fantasy world. You will take over the role as a champion of the Goddess of Lust to struggle for control of the kingdom. Game runs in a real-time 3D environment, using isometric view and a freely controllable camera perspective.

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Story Edit


Player character in the game

You start out as a young prince - a successor to the throne of the kingdom. Your mother, a queen regent Augusta decides to oust you in the favor of your sister. To get rid of you for good, she will send you to an abandoned outpost, a castle far away from the capital. You are soon to find out, that the castle is not what it seems - there is a long forgotten Temple of Lust in the underground dungeon, a place of great power... After you decide to use this new asset to reclaim your kingdom and punish all who have wronged you, the Goddess of Lust will send her avatar Moriana to guide you.

  • Collect Gold by mounting raids on enemies, spend it to improve your castle, or seduce women.
  • Gain Favor of the Goddess by corrupting first those close to you, then the orderly and strict kingdom into lust driven lands full of sex.
  • Accumulate Influence, and spend it at the imperial court, to bend the kingdom's nobles to your will.

Female characters have two stats you should pay interest to:

  • Lust - how horny she is. Increase this by initiating sexual situation with her.
  • Devotion - what is she willing to do with you. It is increased by giving gifts, services, or in case of your captives by initiating bdsm scenes.

Characters Edit

Raids Edit

  • When necessary you can mount a raid on your enemies to acquire gold, slaves, and powerful items.
  • Summon minions to help you in battle. Let them assist you in gaining the upper hand over your foes.
  • Some enemies are repressing their sexuality - cast a 'Mind break' spell on them to let their sexual urges manifest.
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