Warlock of Lust is an adult game being developed by Mike Velesk and started publishing in 2018. It is an RPG game with management and tactical combat elements situated in medieval/fantasy era. You will take a role as a champion of the Goddess of Lust to take control of the kingdom. Game will run in a real-time 3d environment, using isometric view and freely controllable camera..


Player character in the game

Story Edit

You will take role of a young prince - a successor to the throne of the kingdom. Your mother, a queen regent Augusta will decide to oust you in the favor of your sister. To get rid of you, she will send you to an abandoned castle, far away from the capital. You will soon find out, that the castle is not what it seems - there is a long forgotten temple of Lust in the underground dungeon, a place of great power. You have decided to use this new asset to reclaim your kingdom and punish all who has wronged you. The goddess of lust will send her avatar Moriana to guide you. You will earn her favor by corrupting first, your castle, than the orderly and strict kingdom into lust driven land full of sex.

Characters Edit

Castle Management Edit


Your first maid

Your castle is your base of operation. You will mount expeditions from here, build facilities, manage your servants and entertain noble guests. The temple of lust beneath the castle draw power from all lustful act close by, so you would like to have as much sex at the castle as possible. You will have to turn your modest and shy servants into sex crazed fanatics who would look for every opportunity to get some, either with you or in-between them.

Your first servants will be a peasant family from a local village - mother working as cook, father at the stables, daughter as a maid and son as a helper. Your will be able to hire more servants and staff later.

Temple of Lust Edit

The temple of lust will start as a shrine at first, but with enough gold, you will be able to turn it into true palace of lust. It will be inhabited by monster servants of goddess - small, but nimble imps, cruel succubi or feral lust hounds. Dungeons will also host captives - various champions of order who were captured during raids.You can use these slaves in various ways. In breeding pits, they can help you breed even more powerful creatures. Or you can try to "convince" them to join your cause and serve as your lieutenants.

Expeditions Edit

If you will get an information about a powerful artifact, or valuable potential captive, you will be able to mount an expedition. In a combat mode, you will summon minions to support you while you cast spells from the background. Even combat have a sex element in it - for example you can use Mind break spell to destroy all inhibition of weakened enemies who will than succumb to their basic urges and become your sex slaves.


Noble Houses Edit

Besides raids, kingdom can be toppled using politics. There will be several noble houses, you will be able to sway to your side. You are still a prince of the kingdom and if you invite a representatives from a noble house to your castle, they will come. And while in your castle, any young noble woman, or wife of a noble man is a fair target. Houses will be distinguished also by fantasy races, such as elves, amazons, etc.

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