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Warlock of Lust

Warlock of Lust is an adult game being developed by Mike Velesk. Development started in 2018. It is an RPG with management and tactical combat elements situated in a medieval/fantasy world. The game is free and can be downloaded directly from the webpage:

News and support for the creator can be found here:

In the game, you will take over the role as a champion of the Goddess of Lust to struggle for control of the kingdom. The game runs in a real-time 3D environment, using isometric view and a freely controllable camera perspective. Sex scenes are also under your control - you can choose position, pace, viewpoint, zoom, etc. For most scenes, there is an x-ray vision and the ability to take a manual control of the animation.

Mini games[]
  • Lust island mini game has been integrated into the main game as of v4.1.
  • Ascent of Harmony is a re-imagining of the Academy of Magic with Harmony as a main character.

For more information about the current version, check out the change log:

WOL Change Log

Your Story[]


Player Character

Augusta card

Queen Augusta at her imperial palace.

You start out as a young prince - a successor to the throne of the kingdom. Than, current queen regent Augusta decides to oust you in favor of her daughter. To get rid of you, she send you to an abandoned outpost - a castle far away from the capital, leaving you rotting there and in lack of any support for your matter.

You are soon to find out that your 'castle' is not just what it seems - there, in an underground dungeon, lays a Temple of Lust long forgotten. Once place of great power and magic, waiting for someone to awaken it.

With the guidance of the Goddess of Lust and her personal avatar Moriana, you will develop your skills, gather allies, wealth and power. To impress potential allies, you must gain experience in various fields (as a warrior, scholar, artist, politician, merchant and a lover).

Improve your combat abilities by gaining more creatures, you can summon during battles. Boost your creatures' fighting abilities with the help of your lieutenants. Find out about lost art of Lust Magic and collect spells from this school to use them against your enemies.

Manage your castle and village - buy new equipment and restore rooms. Bring more people in to serve you. A small village belongs to the castle, where you can meet new people in the tavern or woe peasant girls. Use notice board to issue various village laws. Laws are used to corrupt the village and change the behavior of villagers.

Kingdom of Meridor[]

The story is taking place at the kingdom of Meridor. Even though the kingdom is inhabited by many races and groups of people, it is governed by a central Empire. Use this to your advantage - many races and factions hold a grudge against the Empire, which you can use to gain their support.

  • Humans are the major power in the Empire. They main ideological faction is the Order of Light, which serves as a main antagonist in the game. The Order is all about keeping strict rule and suppress any dissent.
  • Elves are the second most common people. They live mostly secluded in the western forest. Elven queen Luthien is mistrustful of humans and gaining her support will not be easy.
  • Mages are a group of various races living in the southern desert at their base - the Academy of Magic. They are your key to unlock your magical talents.
  • Amazons and Centaurs are nomadic people living in eastern steppes. They are powerful warriors and gaining their combat support is an imperative.
  • Orcs are beaten people, driven from their homeland to the depth of central swamps. They dream of restoring their former glory.

Map of the kingdom of Meridot

Kingdom of Meridor with various places, you can visit

Main Characters[]




Queen regent Augusta is your main antagonist in this game. Originally she comes from amazon tribe and married later king to form an alliance. After king's (suspicious) death, she takes over as a regent until you can take over the throne. However, she decides she will keep the throne and oust you out to an outlier province. Even though there are no open hostilities between you yet, the queen control majority of nobles and currently, you are powerless against her.




Avatar of Lust Moriana is a powerful, magical being and the incarnation of the Goddess of Lust on this plane. Long time ago, there was an extensive temple beneath your new castle, dedicated to the Goddess. The Order of Light took notice and plundered the temple. Mariana stayed at the castle, disguised as "White Lady" and when you arrived, she realized your potential. The Avatar of Lust will be your best and most powerful ally against the Order and the Empire.




Amazon queen Diana, a powerful warrior and a sister to the queen Augusta has no sympathy towards you. That is, until you manage to capture her and turn her centaurs against their former ally - the Empire. With enough willpower and the help of Avatar, you will be even able to turn Diana to your cause. This will not be an easy task, as amazons are trained for mental and physical fortitude from their infancy.




Elven Princess Elaine, a prodigy daughter of and elven queen Luthien, serves and an ambassador of elves at the Empire court. As such, she is your chance to turn eves to your side. Doing so would significantly improve your odds, as elves are the second most powerful race, after humans. However, elves value perfection and they judge any human too harshly. The quest to obtain elven help will not be an easy one.




Mages form a secretive society of the Empire. Count yourself lucky you have encounter a mage apprentice Jennyfer, who is willing to talk to you. When the Temple was destroyed by the Order, perhaps the most significant lost was the destruction of Lust Magic scrolls and books. A powerful school of magic - a Lust Magic is now only a fainting memory and it is your task to recover what is left. Jennyfer will be a great help in this quest.

Secondary Characters[]

  • Maid Ella - A young and simple maid serving as a helping hand at your castle. She is inexperienced and naive, but can be trained well.
  • Cook Anna - She serves as a cook at your castle and she is Ella's mother. She is a simple woman that can be bent to your will easily.
  • Scribe Hesy - Former Order of Light' scribe, she will be your loyal servant after you free her from prison. Talk to her if you don't know what to do next.
  • High Priestess Pyia - A head of the local Order of Light temple, she is your first target before you can expand your influence.
  • Squire Lyria - You will find Lyria in a dire position during you travels. After you save her, she will act as your squire and help you train in combat.
  • Dominatrix - a servant of the Goddess, she will help you to acquire favor and train lovers skill in a very specific way.
  • Spoiled Princess Lana - A princess from neighboring kingdom she will end up at your mercy after a strange string of events. What will you do with her?
  • Inquisitor Sallia - A ruthless investigator of the Order, luckily she is not after you this time. If you help her, she may be owning you a favor.
  • Countess Alizabeth - A poor, helpless widow, who is unjustly targeted by the inquisition. Or is she? You will have to find out.
  • Maid Dora - Alizabeth's maid, her fate is linked with that of the countess.
  • Handmaiden Sofia - Your current love interest at the court, Sofia will help you plot political schemes at the court after your return.
  • Princess Alexandra - a daughter of queen Augusta, currently residing in a secluded cloister. When corrupted, she could be an useful tool against the queen.
  • The Abbess - A head of the convent, where Alexandra is hidden. She may be just an common Order's servant. Or she may be something else.
  • Orc Shaman Garrona - Orcs has noticed your predicament and offer you and alliance. There is a special ritual for that. Garrona will explain everything.
  • Elven Queen Luthien and her daughters - They are your key to unlock elven support. Queen is mistrustful of humans, so you must first deal with her daughters.
  • A faerie alchemist Marin - Best and the most dangerous dancer you will ever met. She will work in your newly refurbished alchemy lab and create new potions for you.
  • Mage apprentice Harmony - Premium student at the academy, but a little close-minded. At least until she meets you. Research Lust magic with her.
  • Moon elf rogue Sylvia - She will visit your castle for some shady, undisclosed business. You have a feeling, she is hiding something - under her armor as well as in her intentions.
  • Corsair captain Kara - You will hire her and her ships for the Expedition during the chapter 2 of the game. She likes rum and gambling.
  • Villager Belle - Unusual for a common peasant, Belle is a bookworm. Even more unusual is her taste for a specific kind of books.
  • Mayor Claudia - She is a leader of a village that belongs to your castle. At first, she don't like you, because of your reputation. Later, you will become friends and you will even help her with some personal problems.
  • Nymph Eris - You will meet this strange character during your travels around the kingdom. She seems to have a strange affinity for you.
  • Countess Penelope - young countess was captured by corsairs of Freeport. Your task will be train her as a courtesan for Spoiled Princess brothel
  • Lady Sapphira - trainer at the Freeport market district. If you play your cards right, you will have more than work related relationship with her.
  • Corsair princess Zana - the leader of Freeport (with her brother) seem to be hostile towards you, but she may have ulterior motives.
  • Native girl Mona - after crashing your ship on the lust island, Mona will introduce you to the native villagers spend time with you.


Although the combat is not pivotal part of the game, you will have to pass several locations where you must dispose off your opponents to get to the objective. As you are not a proficient fighter at the start of the game, you will have to rely on summoning creatures to distract foes while you cast spells from behind. As long as you have mana to summon support and you are positioning correctly, you should be safe. There is also a Lust Magic. There are several spells and enchantments in the game that can help you fight better. You will also face several different foes and it is important to remember how to counter them. Different creatures are effective against armored foes and different ones against spellcasters. You can also use a breeding room at the Temple of Lust to breed stronger creatures.

List of combatants - both foes and allies.


As an open world game, you will find quests at many different places and even at random encounters.Quests are not time-sensitive, so take as much time as you need. There is also a number of small side quests which are not central to the story and are not listed here. To see you current quests in the game, press "J" to open the journal.

List of quests[]

Chapter 1[]