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Warlock of Lust v1.6[]

  • New quest line "Bad teacher" centered around the infiltration of Order's seminary and impregnation of all candidates for high priestess. The quest line start when Hesy notice Ella is pregnant. Upon setting up all necessary preparations, you will pose as the seminary's new teacher. Your task is to present daily lectures and personal consultations afterwards. The quest ends, when all seminarians are pregnant.
  • Some bug fixes, including a big one, where you could not initiate scene between main character and defeated enemy.
  • Code improvements, that will help me debug issues in future builds, including back-compatibility of saves.

Warlock of Lust v1.5[]

  • Pregnancy added - maid Ella and high priestess Pyia now can get pregnant.
  • Ella will get pregnant right after she looses virginity and you can increase her pregnancy level by having "scenes" with her. Ella will also sometimes comment on her pregnancy and may behave differently, leading to additional scenes. Other new content was added for Ella - there is now a small chance that she will not follow her daily routine and will be somewhere else instead.
  • After Pyia's initiation rite, you can speak with the Avatar about her to start a new quest line - The Star is born. This will eventually lead to Pyia's pregnancy. As of v1.5 this story line is not yet finished.
  • Several bug fixes from previous version and memory leak corrected.
  • Ludus Master game also get new content in this release.

Warlock of Lust v1.4[]

  • Elven story line extended. After you return the Bow of Quent to Elaine, she will unlock an elven palace on the map, where her mother - queen Luthien resides. You can travel there, but you will not receive warm welcome. To progress the story line you will have to perform tasks for queen's three daughters. You will also have to pass high impression checks (here, the cheat Ctrl+S helps, if needed).
  • Three more random encounters added - "a tree in fields", "vagrant camp" and "bard competition" Besides finding scenes in all of these encounters, they also offer various bonuses, like cheaper shop or prizes for winning.
  • Various bug fixes

Warlock of Lust v1.3[]

  • Harem room added for the Temple of Lust- up to three places can be filled in a harem room to generate favor daily. Ella, Diana, Lyria or Lana can be invited into the harem room, after their main quests are completed or they have enough lust. You can also visit the harem room to initiate scenes with various combinations of participants. There are also several threesome, foursome and lesbian scenes there.
  • Inventory/item system rework. Inventory now have slightly different UI and allows you to sell items at shops. The new system also enabled inventory for NPC characters and allows for storage of items in chests/boxes, etc.
  • Various visual improvements, including better ground model. You can now also switch to a first person view with Alt+V. This is just for the amusement effect, the game is not supposed to be played in this mode all the time. Optimizations to particle generator - sticking particles should not drop frame rates so rapidly now.
  • Also this month, a lot of new content for bonus game, Ludus master.

Warlock of Lust v1.2[]

  • New quest involving orcish village. Quest start after Diana has been captured. Speak with Hesy about "The letter..." and travel to orc camp to speak with their shaman Garrona. The quest is fairly short, however it has many options how to complete it, each unlocking new scenes (there is 17 ways how to complete the quest). During the quest, you can also unlock an ability to buy blue or red pill from the Avatar of Dust. Each pill will grant you temporary body modification and additional scenes with NPCs (blue pill with Diana and Anna, red pill with Ella, Lyria and Lana).
  • Breeding is now functional. When you enter breeding room at the Temple of Lust, you will get additional info how it functions. Pyia, Diana and Lyria can act as assistants, however only after their initiation ritual at the Temple. All you minions can be now improved from level 0 up to level 3, each level granting different upgrades. You can now also view all combat information about your minions and enemies.
  • Combat system reworked to enable breeding and further improvements. Combat is now slightly more difficult at the start and become easier when stronger minions are improved.
  • Additional scenes for several other characters. There is also a new levitation scene for Jennyfer that was created by a Patreon supporter and implemented into the game.

Warlock of Lust v1.1[]

  • Random encounters added. Currently, there are three - a farm, tavern and a moon elves ambush. Farm and Tavern has currently around 30% chance to occur when traveling. Farm has scenes when you have mead in your inventory, or cumdrop essence. Mead can be bought at the tavern. Tavern has scenes with wench and you can also meet there Gabriela or Alizabeth after their quest are finished. Moon elf ambush will occur only once, after you acquire a moon rose from the vault.
  • Manual control of scenes. Some scenes can now be controlled manually with mouse. It only works for scenes with x-ray vision (must be enabled) and not for all of them. When there is a x-ray window during the scene in top right corner, you can move mouse into it. If the animation stops, you can now manually control it by moving mouse left-right. You can release the manual control by moving out of the x-ray window.
  • Major memory optimization. The game now consume 35% less memory than previous version. This should eliminate most memory overflow errors.
  • Several visual and engine improvement. Most static objects now have shadows. Lighting improved and several locations now have different lighting. Ground model structure reworked - at the moment, the difference is that ground is not as visually repetitive as before. In the future, it will also allow to make ground with different height levels.
  • Bug fixes - Jennyfer's quest line is now not disrupted by elven scout. Jake's scenario starting error eliminated. Several other minor bugs fixed.

Warlock of Lust v1.0[]

  • Continue with the queen Augusta's story line into two, new stories:
  • You will find princess Alexandra at the convent. She is completely oblivious to any sexual stuff, so you will have to seduce and teach her from the start. It will also not work without a bit of magic.
  • Abbess of the convent is not what she seems. In fact, she is a leader of a secret cult. Uncover the mysteries behind the cult to give you access to the Abbess and her novices.
  • You can now hire elven scouts from Elaine. The scout will find random dungeons for you for additional loot
  • Save file structure has been reworked, so they are not compatible with previous version

Warlock of Lust v0.95[]

  • Princess Elaine story continues. After giving her the Bow, you can now invite her to your castle (if you have enough influence). This will start plot against queen Augusta and unlock additional scenes
  • Amazon camp added. You must rescue bard Dale from here to continue the story-line. Pass the trial given by the amazon chief Gabriela.
  • First scene with the queen Augusta. Her story will continue in following releases.
  • Collision detection for particle generator - particles can now stick to surfaces. Option to disable this feature added to the menu, it it is slowing frame rate too much.
  • Bug fixes - virgin guards now work as intended. Several other minor bugs fixed.

Warlock of Lust v0.9[]

  • Story of inquisitor Sallia and countess Alizabeth concluded. There are three possible endings (two violent and one peaceful).
  • Alizabeth's maid Dora added into the game. If you finish the quest "Red lust" and Alizabeth is no longer at the castle, Dora will join you at your castle.
  • Princess Lana got a full voice over
  • Music added into the game for most locations. Sound effects added for combat scenes.

Warlock of Lust v0.8[]

  • Inquisitor Sallia and countess Alizabeth added to the game. In this version, the game includes only the beginning of their story line and several scenes.
  • Princess Lana has her story extended. After some point in the story, you can decide if you will keep her for yourself, or share her with others. If you want to keep her, she will move to your castle and befriend Ella. Otherwise, she will move to the tavern, where she will serve local patrons.
  • Jennyfer got a full voice over.
  • An alternative start was added, that will skip the introduction part of the game.

Warlock of Lust v0.75[]

  • Princess Lana added. Her quest line starts after you complete the bandit camp and free Lyria. Speak with Hesy about the princess.
  • Diana's story continues. After enough Lust and Devotion, you can perform initiation ritual with her. After the ritual, she will be at the guard post outside your castle. You will be able to hire three virgin guards from her.
  • Spells added - data structure to the combat mechanics for both allies and enemies. Three spells are currently functional: Priestesses will heal their allies, amazons will use whirlwind attack for area damage and you can use "Spiritual dick" spells from Jennyfer's story line to stun enemies (and disrupt their casting).
  • Several bug fixes and optimizations. For example, combat now should be smoother as the frame rate optimization was implemented.

Warlock of Lust v0.7[]

  • Jennyfer and the Academy of Magic added. Quest-line starts when you study poetry or philosophy at least 4 times at your castle' library.
  • New enemies added - Assassins and Ghouls. Ghouls will also become your third summonable after completing the quest. They have scenes with mind broken enemies, so check them in combat.
  • Random dungeon generator. Dungeons can be now easily generated from the construction set. Size, difficulty, loot or enemies can be set for dungeons, so it is very flexible tool.
  • A new spell and magical essence added to the game. When acquired, the essence can unlock additional scenes with maid Ella and page Lyria.
  • Minor changes to combat system, inventory system and several other features.

Warlock of Lust v0.6[]

  • Amazons and centaurs added to the game. Amazons serve as breakable enemies. Centaurs are both enemies and summon-able allies (after short quest). Centaurs can have scenes with mind-broken enemies.
  • Amazon queen Diana added. She is a sister of queen regent Augusta and can be captured after a short quest. When she is in your dungeon, you can train her the same way as Pyia.
  • Memory management for the game fixed. This should fix all memory related problems and exceptions.
  • New scene for maid Ella and cook Ana with dildo. Some changes to existing scenes, several bugfixes.