Warlock of Lust v1.1[edit | edit source]

  • Random encounters added. Currently, there are three - a farm, tavern and a moon elves ambush. Farm and Tavern has currently around 30% chance to occur when traveling. Farm has scenes when you have mead in your inventory, or cumdrop essence. Mead can be bought at the tavern. Tavern has scenes with wench and you can also meet there Gabriela or Alizabeth after their quest are finished. Moon elf ambush will occur only once, after you acquire a moon rose from the vault.
  • Manual control of scenes. Some scenes can now be controlled manually with mouse. It only works for scenes with x-ray vision (must be enabled) and not for all of them. When there is a x-ray window during the scene in top right corner, you can move mouse into it. If the animation stops, you can now manually control it by moving mouse left-right. You can release the manual control by moving out of the x-ray window.
  • Major memory optimization. The game now consume 35% less memory than previous version. This should eliminate most memory overflow errors.
  • Several visual and engine improvement. Most static objects now have shadows. Lighting improved and several locations now have different lighting. Ground model structure reworked - at the moment, the difference is that ground is not as visually repetitive as before. In the future, it will also allow to make ground with different height levels.
  • Bug fixes - Jennyfer's quest line is now not disrupted by elven scout. Jake's scenario starting error eliminated. Several other minor bugs fixed.

Warlock of Lust v1.0[edit | edit source]

  • Continue with the queen Augusta's story line into two, new stories:
  • You will find princess Alexandra at the convent. She is completely oblivious to any sexual stuff, so you will have to seduce and teach her from the start. It will also not work without a bit of magic.
  • Abbess of the convent is not what she seems. In fact, she is a leader of a secret cult. Uncover the mysteries behind the cult to give you access to the Abbess and her novices.
  • You can now hire elven scouts from Elaine. The scout will find random dungeons for you for additional loot
  • Save file structure has been reworked, so they are not compatible with previous version

Warlock of Lust v0.95[edit | edit source]

  • Princess Elaine story continues. After giving her the Bow, you can now invite her to your castle (if you have enough influence). This will start plot against queen Augusta and unlock additional scenes
  • Amazon camp added. You must rescue bard Dale from here to continue the story-line. Pass the trial given by the amazon chief Gabriela.
  • First scene with the queen Augusta. Her story will continue in following releases.
  • Collision detection for particle generator - particles can now stick to surfaces. Option to disable this feature added to the menu, it it is slowing frame rate too much.
  • Bug fixes - virgin guards now work as intended. Several other minor bugs fixed.

Warlock of Lust v0.9[edit | edit source]

  • Story of inquisitor Sallia and countess Alizabeth concluded. There are three possible endings (two violent and one peaceful).
  • Alizabeth's maid Dora added into the game. If you finish the quest "Red lust" and Alizabeth is no longer at the castle, Dora will join you at your castle.
  • Princess Lana got a full voice over
  • Music added into the game for most locations. Sound effects added for combat scenes.

Warlock of Lust v0.8[edit | edit source]

  • Inquisitor Sallia and countess Alizabeth added to the game. In this version, the game includes only the beginning of their story line and several scenes.
  • Princess Lana has her story extended. After some point in the story, you can decide if you will keep her for yourself, or share her with others. If you want to keep her, she will move to your castle and befriend Ella. Otherwise, she will move to the tavern, where she will serve local patrons.
  • Jennyfer got a full voice over.
  • An alternative start was added, that will skip the introduction part of the game.

Warlock of Lust v0.75[edit | edit source]

  • Princess Lana added. Her quest line starts after you complete the bandit camp and free Lyria. Speak with Hesy about the princess.
  • Diana's story continues. After enough Lust and Devotion, you can perform initiation ritual with her. After the ritual, she will be at the guard post outside your castle. You will be able to hire three virgin guards from her.
  • Spells added - data structure to the combat mechanics for both allies and enemies. Three spells are currently functional: Priestesses will heal their allies, amazons will use whirlwind attack for area damage and you can use "Spiritual dick" spells from Jennyfer's story line to stun enemies (and disrupt their casting).
  • Several bug fixes and optimizations. For example, combat now should be smoother as the frame rate optimization was implemented.

Warlock of Lust v0.7[edit | edit source]

  • Jennyfer and the Academy of Magic added. Quest-line starts when you study poetry or philosophy at least 4 times at your castle' library.
  • New enemies added - Assassins and Ghouls. Ghouls will also become your third summonable after completing the quest. They have scenes with mind broken enemies, so check them in combat.
  • Random dungeon generator. Dungeons can be now easily generated from the construction set. Size, difficulty, loot or enemies can be set for dungeons, so it is very flexible tool.
  • A new spell and magical essence added to the game. When acquired, the essence can unlock additional scenes with maid Ella and page Lyria.
  • Minor changes to combat system, inventory system and several other features.

Warlock of Lust v0.6[edit | edit source]

  • Amazons and centaurs added to the game. Amazons serve as breakable enemies. Centaurs are both enemies and summon-able allies (after short quest). Centaurs can have scenes with mind-broken enemies.
  • Amazon queen Diana added. She is a sister of queen regent Augusta and can be captured after a short quest. When she is in your dungeon, you can train her the same way as Pyia.
  • Memory management for the game fixed. This should fix all memory related problems and exceptions.
  • New scene for maid Ella and cook Ana with dildo. Some changes to existing scenes, several bugfixes.

Warlock of Lust v0.51[edit | edit source]

Bugfix version of v0.5. Bugs fixed:

  • Both setup.exe and in-game options now working
  • Villagers bribes with gifts working. Possible rewards for gifts: handjob for flowers, hj or bj for scarf, bj or fuck for trinket
  • Novice in shrine now behave according to her lust
  • Pyia's options corrected during her training in dungeon
  • Autosave is not rewritten every time the game starts
  • Several other balancing and stability fixes

Warlock of Lust v0.5[edit | edit source]

- Village attached to the castle added. You can access it through the main castle's gate from the day 2. Village includes abandoned convent, trader and several villagers. You can buy gifts at the trader and give them to villagers - they will sometimes reward you for it.

- Continuation of Pyia's story. After enough quality time in dungeon, you can now start Initiation rite with Pyia to turn her to your side. After the rite, she will move to a nearby convent. You can than specialize the convent into either hospital or shrine and accept one novice into it. She will serve either as a nurse or a nun, while Pyia will slowly corrupt her.

- After wining over Lyria, you can call her to the temple (from the throne) and start Initiation rite with her. Both Lyria and Pyia can be sent to breeding pit after their initiation rite, where imps can be summoned for them.

- Combat reworked. There are now three types of damage (normal, piercing, magic) and three types of armor (light, medium, heavy). This form a "rock, paper, scissors" system. To make combat easier, you can now also by potions from the village trader.

- Entire game was moved to a new platform. This was technically a big change and may caused bugs that I was not able to detect during testing (so thanks for all reporting). Besides many advantages to have all games under one platform, WOL should now run smoother, especially during combat.

Warlock of Lust v0.4[edit | edit source]

- New character - squire Lyria. After you get a quest to clear a bandit camp from scribe Hesy, you will free Lyria and she will serve as your squire. She will advise you to rebuild a training grounds at your castle, where you can train together.

- More content for cook Anna. You can now order her to do a storage room inventory during evenings to have some private time with her. After gaining enough Lust and Devotion with her and Ella, she will offer you to help her give sexual lessons to Ella during evenings in their bed.

- New raid on bandit camp, with a new breakable enemy - a rogue. If you break enemies (priestess, or rogue in v0.4) and you are not fighting, you can click on them to initiate a scene with them by yourself (instead of letting them to your imps). You must do this fast, before imps will outrun you.

Many aspects of the game were redone, including attributes system. There are no longer "Love" and "Fear" stats, but a "Devotion" stat instead of them. Player's skills were also changes into "impressions" and were rewritten and reduced.

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