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Village board

In a game Warlock of Lust, you can use the notice board at the village next to your castle to issue new laws for your domain. Each law requires a certain level of village corruption and influence. More lewd laws require higher corruption and influence. Influence is one of your main stats and it is continuously regenerated during the day. Raise your "Politics" impression to increase the influence regeneration.

Each law has two levels - higher level is usually more lewd and requires higher corruption.

Laws change the behavior of peasants at the village and unlock more scenes for you. The list of laws:

Dress code[]

Change the dress of villagers working at the field. Naked villagers have bonus scene - inspection.

  • Dress code: Free - villagers will sometimes work naked
  • Dress code: Lewd - villagers will always work naked


A peasant will sometimes be put into a stocks at the village square (30% chance each day).

  • Punishment: Public - you can punish her personally
  • Punishment: Personal - there are more options of punishments for you


A peasant can work as a prostitute by the tavern. You can pay for her service.

  • Prostitution: Allowed - a villager will sometimes work as a prostitute (35% of time)
  • Prostitution: Mandatory - a villager will always work as a prostitute

Primae noctis[]

A right to first night - a lord has a right to deflower the bride before wedding. If on, there is a chance a betrothed couple will appear in your room at the castle and offer primae noctis. If you agree, you will have to pay a traditional fee of 10 gold.

  • Primae noctis: Voluntary - there is a small chance the couple will appear (15%)
  • Primae noctis: Mandatory - there is a higher chance, the couple will appear (35%)


Decide, what rite will the peasants follow. Rite is always observed each Sunday at the sacred place behind the fields.

  • Rite: Harvest - peasant follow the harvest rite. If you attend you can sacrifice your seed for the goddess.
  • Rite: Fertility - fertility rite is more lewd and it is generally observed naked. You have more options how to celebrate.


Legalizing adultery will change the behavior of the peasants. You can sometimes find them having fun with strangers or travelers. You can join in.

  • Adultery: Allowed - villager at the field will sometimes (30% chance) help travelers release tension
  • Adultery: Encouraged - there is a higher chance (60% of adultery) and it will become more lewd.

Militia training[]

If Diana is at the guard post, You can issue this training. Each Friday, she will drill youth in front of the guard post.

  • Militia: Basic training - you can order Diana to perform different type of training
  • Militia: Advanced training - there is more options what Diana can make with the trainees.