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After capturing Diana during the quest Amazons in heat, Hesy has a letter for you. It is an invitation letter from an orcish shaman Garrona who invites you to an orcish camp to discuss possible alliance.

  • Travel to the orcish camp and speak with Garrona.
  • If you agree to form an alliance, Garrona will explain the ritual required to sign it
  • There are multiple ways how to perform the ritual. You need to deliver suitable male or female to perform a sealing pact. You can also suggest yourself, however this will not work
  • You can also ask Avatar Moriana for help and she will offer either red pill or a blue pill. Each have different effect and will unlock additional options

How to perform the ritual[]

  • You can summon centaur for Garrona
  • If you have a red pill, you can perform the ritual
  • If you bring Anna or Diana, you can either pair her with the orcish chief of make her take the blue pill.
  • If you bring Lyira, Pyia, Ella, Dora or Lana you can either pair her with the orcish chief of make Garrona take the blue pill.