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During the quest Song of Elves, you will get access to the elven palace. If you travel there, you will find an elven queen Luthien there and her three daughters.

  • Speak with Luthien. She refuses to talk with human further, but will tell you to speak with her three daughters to get their recommendation.
  • There are two steps with each daughter. First step is high impression check. You will need 50 scholar, 50 warrior and 50 artist impression to progress with each daughter.
  • Second step is a small task, you have to do for each daughter. Warrior one wants to summon centaur. Scholar one wants a magic scroll and the poet one wants cumdrop essence.
  • Summoning a centaur is straightforward. You will need to progress Amazons in heat quest line to be able to summon centaur.
  • For a magic scroll, you will need to travel to the Academy of Magic and ask Jennyfer for one. This requires Lust magic quest line completed.
  • For a cumdrop essence, buy one from the Avatar Moriana for favor. This also requires Lust magic quest line completed.
  • At various step of progress with daughters, Luthien will wait for you by the exit and wants to speak with you. This will happen three times.
  • First time, Luthien will wait for you, you will see a scene with her
  • Second time, there is a scene too, but it is also a test that you can pass with high Lover impression. There are four possible results. You can either fail the test, progress to first level (15 Lover req.), progress to second level (30 Lover req.) or progress to third level (50 Lover req.)
  • Third time, there is a final scene, which extend depends on the result of the test from the second step. If you failed the test, the scene is skipped completely.