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After Pyia's initiation rite, you can talk with the Avatar Moriana about bringing the incarnation of the Goddess into this world. The Avatar will suggest that Pyia is a powerful magical source and as such, she is capable of birthing Siriana - the incarnation.

  • Get Pyia's devotion to 100. This can be done by talking with her at the cloister's altar and selecting "Pray to Goddess" or "Feet worship"
  • Talk with the Avatar and return back to Pyia. She will agree with the plan, but there is a problem with her getting pregnant.
  • At this point, you cannot continue this quest line, until quests Song of Elves and Fallen queen are completed - you must own the shape-shifting ring.
  • If you have the ring and it is free to use (meaning you no longer need it for the Fallen queen quest), you can show it to the Avatar.
  • Go to Pyia and she will explain about the gemstones. At this point, you can also take Pyia's form when wearing the ring
  • Travel to the Gemstones repository and obtain the gemstone
  • Bring gemstone to Pyia. This will start the impregnation ritual
  • Increase Pyia's pregnancy to 100% by having "scenes" with her.
  • As of v1.5 this story line ends here. More will come in subsequent versions.