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Sylvia is a character in a Warlock of Lust game. She is a moon elf rogue who will appear at your castle at day 15. She will stay at a local tavern, but during day, she will be visiting your castle and speak with various people living there. In the evening, she will be at her room in the tavern, where you can speak with her, invite her for dinner and have various sexual encounters.

After day 35, avatar Moriana will tell you that someone has been sneaking around the temple of lust. If you question Sylvia about this, she will deny ever being there. However, if you sleep in your bed after that, you will find that someone stole a sum of gold from you. If you visit Moriana, she will tell you that someone also stole a precious artifact from her personal collection. If you go to tavern after that, you will notice that Sylvia has packed her belongings and left in a hurry.

Your only lead is Sofia - a handmaiden from the court. She will mention that Sylvia is from the Onwa tribe of moon elves. Travel to elven queen Luthien and if you finished her quest (got recommended by her daughters), she will unlock Onwa tribe location and grant you a safe passage. Travel to the tribe and speak with the chief. She will refuse to disclose any information. Leave, but return back later - repeat this three times. After third time, Sylvia will be waiting by the entrance for you. Depending on her "Interest" score, you can either convince her to go with you or fight her. The result is the same - she will move to your castle and stay at the bdsm room. Talk with her there to use her services.

Sylvia is an optional futa character. During the first scene at the castle, you will notice a bulge in her armor and speculate what is it. Depending on your choice, she will be either futa or a regular female. This choice will change/limit some scenes with her.

  • Sylvia will speak with various people in your castle. Depending on who is present there, it could be maid Ella, cook Anna, Lyria, Pyia, Lana and Diana.
  • If Sylvia spoke to one of your servants and you invite her to a dinner at the tavern, she will ask permission to pursue that person more. If you agree, she will develop more intimate relation with her in time. Eventually, their relation will grow sexual and you will be able to join at that point. If you disagree, she will not speak with that person anymore.
  • Sylvia will only pursue maximum of 3 of your servants. These are the first 3 you will allow her to pursue during dinner. She can speak with other servants, but she will not grow relations with them.
  • Allowing her to pursue your servants and inviting Sylvia for dinner will increase her interest. This will unlock scenes with her at the tavern.
  • After she moves to the temple, she can train your followers in bondage. Each girl requires 4 sessions to finish the training and it will unlock bonus scene with them.
  • When she is at the temple and she is futa, she can impregnate some of your followers (increase their pregnancy with each session).
  • When she is at the temple, you can also ask her for "personal service". when her interest is at 100 ,there is a bonus scene with her and the avatar.