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Kara, or Supergirl is a character in Life of Holly (Jake scenario). She is first mentioned during the introduction to the game, but you will meet her only much later during a main story line. After your abduction by Mantis, Supergirl will save you from her lair. After Niki present a theory that you can absorb power from meta-humans through sex, she will suggest you should date Supergirl to test this ability.

  • Supergirl is usually at the Command Tower during day. You can meet her there and ask her on a date (after you have appropriate quest activated).
  • For a date, you can meet her at the caffee house after 19:00. She is quite a nerd and you will need to impress her with your knowledge to move to the second stage.
  • Second stage consist of playing video game with her at her place at the Command Tower. Whoever wins can choose a reward, which in turn increase her interest.
  • You can also buy the video game at the mall and play it at home to get better at it and increase your chance of winning.
  • After reaching 100% interest, she will suggest you spend the night doing different things than playing video games.