Street is the location outside your house that connect various other location and has a connected park.

Nadja will spend her afternoons at the street near Strip Bar. She rest at the park at 13:00, than she will come to her work position at 15:00.

Karen may appear at the park and street between 9:35-11:00.

Mark will appear at the street from day 19 between 7:00-12:00.

Samuel is napping on a park bench entire day.

Amy may stop at the park toilets on her way home from work after 19:00.

Between 12:20 and 17:00 there is a Taxi at the street.

Locations you can access from the street:

  • Your house
  • Noelle's house
  • Taylor's house (through Taxi)
  • School
  • Gym
  • Strip Bar
  • Hospital
  • Magma Corp (through Taxi)
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