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After you free her from the monastery in Priestess for play quest, Hesy will suggest you travel back to court and speak with the elven ambassador Elaine there. This quest is a part of a main story and is quite extensive.

Part one[]

  • Speak with Hesy about the princess Elaine to start the quest. She suggests you should first improve your artist impression.
  • Improve Artist impression to 10 by reading poetry books at your library
  • Speak with Hesy to pass a "poetry test". After the test, imperial court is open to you once again.
  • Travel to the imperial court. Remember that you will loose Influence , while you are at the court and you will have to leave if its get to zero.
  • Speak with Elaine. She is interested in poetry and you can now study poetry together.
  • (optional) At the evening, Elaine is performing traditional elven ritual dance. You can join her for different results, depending on her devotion level.
  • After you study poetry five times, she will confess to you that she is at the court with a secret mission. She suggest you should read Songs of Quent.
  • Songs of Quent is in one of the library shelf (random placement). Search the selves to find it. After you got it, read it at the library table.
  • Speak with Elaine about the Songs of Quent. She will tell you about the Bow of Quent, she is looking for.
  • Leave the court and return back to Hesy. She will tell you about a secret vault, where the Order is hiding artifacts.
  • Travel to the vault and retrieve the Bow of Quent.
  • Bring Bow of Quent to the Elaine. She will reward you personally and open the "Elven Palace" area for you. Also, you can send her an invitation letter through Hesy to invite her to your castle from now on.

Part two[]

  • Tell Hesy to send invitation letter to Elaine. This will cost you 60 Influence.
  • When Elaine is at your caste, talk to her about the queen. She will tell you that Augusta had a secret lover - bard Dale and you should talk to him. He has been captured by amazons.
  • Travel to the amazon camp and speak with their leader Gabriela.
  • Pass a strength test with Gabriela (warrior impression 20 required)
  • Go to the tent an perform impregnation ritual with three amazons.
  • Go west of the camp and speak to Dale. This quest line continues as Fallen queen