Handmaiden Sofia is a character in the game Warlock of Lust. She is your mistress at the Imperial Court and can assist to influence the public opinion on you there. You find her in your bed room at the start of the game.

Take your time with her before you move on and talk to the queen. Meet Sofia once more to say your goodbyes...

To return to the court and see your mistress again you first need to regain some more Influence, which happens with every passing day, but also by doing quests. So wait a time, after you earned an amount of influence return to the court, visit her for she can help you gain support against your mother and others opposing you.

Be aware that the longer you stay at the court the more you are losing influence. So leave and come back another time.

  • She assists you to "Spread Intrigue", increasing your Politician skill and making a good impression.
  • She may also offer you her other services, if enough Influence left, which will improve your Lover skill.
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