Skills and how to increase them: [edit | edit source]

On higher skill levels certain quests in the game "Warlock of Lust" are easier to fullfill. Some NPCs offer the possibility to improve skill points so the player character can advance more quickly. This is a listing for the most commonly used skills (at the moment) and some advice on how to develop them.


  • Handmaiden Sofia aids to "Spread Intrigue" at court and you make a good impression.
  • See elvengirl Elaine at court to gain even more politcal support. Forge alliances, plot.
  • Scribe Hesy can give you political advice too, it may be very practical to talk to her.

You got kicked out of court. To be accepted (for a while) you need to regain Influence. This happens either automatically every day (slow) or by doing raids. Having gained enough, pay your visits.


  • Sofia is also your mistress at court, offers services. Improve your techniques, chicks like it.
  • Scribe Hesy is a material girl, which makes her provide services, too. This can be of use.


  • Awake the sensitive you, chicks adore it, gain Devotion. Read some poetry, Hesy will test you.
  • Read, warble serenades, study philosophy. Horny birds catch the bookworm, and horny make 'em.


  • Impress brighter maidens with knowledge, they like smart blokes. Books could do a trick on Jennyfer?


  • Rescue squire Lyria, build training grounds. Fight her to get good, then go gain experience...
  • Do raids to push your level even more. Improvise, adapt, become - the ultimate woods brawler.


  • Learn by doing, like, apprentice Jennyfer. Become a mighty one in the domain of "Lust Magic".


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