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Skills and Ressources, how to increase them: []

With higher skill levels certain quests in the game "Warlock of Lust" are easier to fullfill. You might even need to reach a minimum level of points before you can start a quest. Some NPCs offer the possibility to improve skills by meeting them so the player character can advance more quickly. This is an overview for the most commonly used skills (at the moment) and some advice on how to develop them, plus ressources to be gained.

  • A skill set of 20+ Points each, as of game version 1.3, seems reasonable (except "Merchant", not yet).
  • For places and activities to advance skills, earn and invest ressources, see Locations (WoL) for more details.


First things first - you got kicked out of court. To be accepted (for a while) and show up unhindered, you need to regain your full Influence to advance in game. While you are staying at the court you will lose influence every day, so do what needs to be done there quickly.

  • Regaining influence happens automatically every day while away from court (slow),
  • Or by what you would do anyway, going on raids and finishing given quests (quicker).
    • Forge alliances, plot. Bind brutish Orcs to your will through lovely shaman Garrona.
    • See Elven minx Elaine at court, gain her total support, make her your little loyal ally.
  • Scribe Hesy can give you political advice too, it may be practical to talk to her.

Having gained enough influence, pay your visits to the grumpy Queen Regent's entourage.

Favour and Gold:
You need the Favour of the Goddess of Lust, to succeed in the game, and to produce more monies. And you need shiny bling for stuffs, who wants to live without it after all? So Likes > Blings > Stuffs is the way to go.

  • Means, you should do lewd things as often as possible at home and around.

The Avatar is rewarding to you, especially when completing certain quests for her. Reinvest her Favour and let minions dig for lumps of Gold underneath your castle.

  • Also think forward in times of need, build your future for later.

A place of "dedication to bettering you" (actually just your stats, but who cares?) may help lots in the long run. You could found a cloister in your own hamlet outside the castle, either for gaining favours (open as a shrine), or adding gold to your pockets (use it as a hospital).
Invest some time in Pyia first, she got her experience with managing such places.

Skill List, sorted from most important to not so much:[]


  • Sofia, your mistress at court, offers services. Harden your techniques, chicks like it.
  • Scribe Hesy is a material girl, makes her provide services too. This can be of use.


  • Rescue squire Lyria, build training grounds. Fight her, get gud, then go gain experience...
  • Raid, quest, push it to the limit. Improvise, adapt, become - an ultimate "woods brawler".


  • Learn by doing, like, apprentice Jennyfer. Be a Mighty one in the domain of "Lust Magic".


  • Awake the sensitive You. Recite poetry, warble serenades, choke the mandoline.
  • Read books, buy instruments at the local shop - Chicks adore it, gain Devotion.


  • Study philosophy, gather wisdom. Apt birds catch horny bookworms, and horny make 'em.
  • Impress brighter maidens with brain, they like smart blokes. Books do tricks on Jennyfer.


  • Handmaiden Sofia aids you to "Spread Intrigue" at court and make a good impression.
  • Study countess Alizabeth's library for days, to gain inside into the realms of politics too.


  • Nuffin' else but to learn "the art of the deal". Plunder, dig for riches, trade (not yet).
  • Do not invest in steaks, but in stakes - perhaps run a hospital to help pay the bills?
  • (At the moment, with game version 1.3, this skill is not so important and not implemented.)