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After spending night with the queen Augusta during the Fallen queen quest, you will learn the whereabouts of princess Alexandra.It is a time to pay her a visit and turn her to your side.

  • Speak with Hesy about the convent. She will reveal it's location.
  • Travel to the convent and speak with the Abbess to get a job there as a gardener.
  • Work as a gardener at the convent garden. Alexandra will ignore you.
  • Speak with the Avatar about Alexandra. She will tell you about the Moon rose.
  • Ask Elaine about the Moon rose.
  • Travel to the Moon rose vault to obtain a Moon rose
  • Travel back to the Avatar to imbue the rose with a Lust magic. Go to the village to buy a mandolin.
  • Return back to the convent and plant the Moon rose.
  • Sing an elven song to the Moon rose. This will attract Alexandra attention.
  • Sing to the rose regularly to progress with Alexandra