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Inquisitor Sallia is a character in the game Warlock of Lust. You can meet her at the local tavern in the village next to your castle after the 10th day in game.

If you talk with her, she will tell you about an "investigation" of the countess Alizabeth and ask you for help. If you decide to support her, you can travel to her Temple afterwards.

Upon arriving at the temple, Sallia will present you with some "persuasive" arguments why you should be the one to help her fullfilling her mission:

  • She will then send you to Alizabeth's Castle with the task to spy on that lady.
  • After you had spent the night at the residence, you may return to report Sallia.
  • Now you will have to choose which way to follow:
    • You may either declare countess Alizabeth as suspicious,
    • Or you ask for the true motive behind the investigation.

This will unlock different scenes to play out. For more on Sallia and possible endings to choose from, see Alizabeth's storyline in the quest Red Lust.