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After day 10, you will find inquisitor Sallia at the tavern close to your castle. She will tell you that she is investigating strange disappearance of peasants and her suspect is countess Alizabeth. She will enlist you to help with the investigation.

  • Travel to the temple of Light to the north to meet Sallia there
  • Travel to countess Alizabeth's castle. She will invite you for a diner and you will spend night at the castle.
  • Report back to Sallia, she will send you back.
  • At this point, you can decide if you continue helping Sallia or if you switch to the Alizabeth's side.If you start to question servant Dora, you will continue with Sallia. If you confess to Alizabeth, you will switch sides.

Help Sallia[]

  • Question Dora and find out that she is under a mind control spell.
  • Consult with either Sallia or with the Avatar Moriana. Each one will give you a solution how to break the spell.
  • After you break the spell on Dora, she will tell you about a cellar and a key hidden in Alizabeth's chambers
  • Seduce Alizabeth to get to her chambers
  • Steal the key and investigate the cellar
  • Return to Sallia or talk to Alizabeth
  • If you returned to Sallia, help her invade the castle and defeat countess Alizabeth in battle
  • If you talked to Alizabeth, return to Sallia and tell her that the countess has escaped

Help Alizabeth[]

  • After confessing to the countess, she will invite you to her chambers at the evening. She will hatch a plan.
  • Escort Dora to the inquisitor for questioning and get her back.
  • Speak with Alizabeth to make a decision - either she will run away or stand and fight the inquisitor
  • If she run away, tell Sallia that the countess has escaped.
  • If she take the stand, lure Sally to the cellar
  • Defeat Sallia in combat with the help of Alizabeth