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High priestess Pyia is a character in the game Warlock of Lust. She is head mistress of the Monastery of Light, and as such is a significant enemy of the Goddess of Lust. Not good. Your friendly neighbourhood Avatar thus decided you need to solve this problem, and asap: during a raid on the place it will be your task to capture her and bring her back alive.

After your successful visit she is placed in a Dungeon cell under your castle, waiting for you. Now that she is at your mercy, you can start training her obedience:

  • From the Throne in the Temple of Lust you tell Pyia to perform certain tasks to entertain you.
  • After reaching enough Devotion and Lust, you start an "Initiation rite" with her to turn her to your side.
  • Afterwards she moves to a local Convent, where she will be corrupting young novices, a noble cause.

Additional scenes[]

  • After initiation Pyia can act as your assistant at the Breeding Chamber.
  • You can also visit her at the Convent and pray with her to the Goddess of Lust.
  • During the quest "Traditions in green" you can ask Pyia to follow you (she must be at the convent) to the Orc Camp to forge an alliance. There are two possibilities how to achieve this:
    • Either she will stay with the handsome Orc Chieftain,
    • Or, if you have a blue pill, with the shaman Garrona.
  • After Pyia arrives at the convent, you can start her pregnancy quest The Star is born