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A princess of a neighboring country is traveling close by to your castle. Hesy will suggest to capture her for ransom. However, thing will not go so smoothly as you will soon find out.

  • Travel to the princess' camp and defeat her guards. Return to your castle with the princess Lana.
  • Speak with Hesy to arrange the meeting, where ransom will be negotiated.
  • Travel to the negotiations. You will find out that Lana's father refuse to pay any ransom for her as the princess is causing great trouble at her country.
  • Speak with Hesy. Lana will move to a shack at a forest next to your castle.
  • Visit Lana at her shack. You can do this on daily basis, as the quest will progress daily with new interactions.
  • After several visits, Lana will ask if she should provide small favors for men at the tavern. If you agree to this, Lana will take a "slutty" path. If not, Lana will remain for yourself.
  • After another few visits, you will find out that her shack has burn down. If Lana took slutty path, she will move to the tavern. If not, she will move to your castle.
  • Continue speaking with Lana either if she is at the tavern or if she is at the castle.