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You got this quest from Moraina after you first visit her at the Temple of Lust. She will tell you that the close by monastery of the Order of Light is responsible for the destruction of her temple and you should help her plot revenge by raiding the monastery and capturing the high priestess Pyia.

  • Leave the temple and open a map at your office next to the library
  • Travel to the Monastery
  • Fight any opponents and defeat Pyia in combat. She will be moved to the dungeon at the Temple of Lust
  • Completing the monastery fight will also free Hesy. She will be at the library from now on.
  • Call Pyia to your throne and ask different tasks from her (like dancing for you). Eventually, her Devotion will increase
  • After more than 80 Devotion and 40 Lust, you can start initiation rites with her
  • After the rites, Pyia will move to a nearby cloister (just outside to your castle)
  • Visit Pyia at the cloister. You will get an option to turn the cloister to either a shrine or a hospital (shrine generates favor, hospital generates gold)