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Niki is your neighbor in Life of Holly (Jake scenario). She is a key character of the main story line.

  • You will meet her in front of her house (next to yours) after day 3 and after you got a initial test at the hospital. You can help her move in to get acquainted.
  • After the TV interview, you may get ambushed by cultists while traveling. Niki will save you and reveal that she is in fact a secret service agent assigned to protect you. From now you, you can visit her regularly to get updates about your situation.
  • After some time, she will suggest to use you as a bait to flush out more cultists. If you agreed, you will be abducted, but eventually saved by Supergirl.
  • Niki will notices that you can absorb superpowers from meta-humans through sex and will hatch a plan to test this theory on Supergirl.