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Nicol is a character in a game Total Seduction.She is a maid and Taylor's mansion and spend most times cleaning various places there. Her cleaning routine remains the same each day - she cleans a vase at the lobby until 15:00, than table until 17:00, following with plant at the Jacob's office until 18:50. Than other plant in living room until 20:30 and back to vase until 21:30. After that, she leaves the mansion.

If corrupted, she will have an affair with Jacob. At corruption lvl. 1, she can help Jacob relax, while he is resting on sofa at 14:50. At corruption lvl. 2, she will allow Jacob to take her, while she is dusting plant at his office.

During the quest "Hidden Player", you can convince Nicol to seduce and distract Jacob, while you hack his computer.

- She likes Plush Toys and Necklaces

- Is she has Seduction Level 4, she can follow you, however she will not walk, but rather crawl on all four behind you as your personal "slave".


- While cleaning a vase: SL1, SL3

- While cleaning table: SL2, SL3, SL4 with Taylor (Taylor must have SL4 too)

- While attending a plant in the living room: SL1, SL2

- While having affair with Jacob on sofa: SL4

- While having affair with Jacob near the plant: SL4

- While following, she can have scenes with Angela (both at pool lounge and bedroom chair), Samuel, Holly at the library table and Noelle and Luna at the pool party.

- After taking sedatives from dungeon, give spiked drink for more scenes in dungeon

Note: SL{n} marks what Seduction Level is required for a scene, For example, SL1, SL2 means there are two scenes, first require Seduction Level 1 and second require Seduction Level 2