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Moriana is a character in the game Warlock of Lust. Being of spiritual nature, the Avatar of Lust, she may bless you with her guidance on your way to fame and riches. After a first formal "hello" and getting acquainted she decides to side and reside with you for the time being.

After taking control of your fancy new home, Zurn castle, you soon find out there is a powerful being roaming through its halls. This needs to be further investigated. But you will also be noticed, Moriana is realizing your potential and suggests you both can be "useful" to each other.

Sealed by contract, she will become your mentor and lend... a helping hand, in your quest to reclaim the kingdom. In return, as the Avatar of a powerful Deity, she would only ask to see all of your subjects getting turned into perverted sex crazed worshipers of her Goddess. Seems reasonable.

  • Moriana acts as your guide, provides information from the very beginning. Talk to her once in a while.
  • You receive her Favor for commiting sexual acts in the vicinity of the Temple of Lust.
    • To be precise, this includes the whole of your home (read: rooms of the castle and surroundings).
  • She lends you support of various Creatures, given you gain enough favor with her.
  • Those minions will assist your cause in diverse ways, likely in work and fight.
  • She will occasionally donate Items, for you to fulfill the most challenging feats. You can also buy some items from her for Favor.
  • As a head of the Lust cult, she can perform initiation rituals. This will turn a common woman into a fervent follower of the Goddess. Initiation ritual can be performed with Pyia, Diana and Lyria.