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Miss Mullins is a character in a game Total Seduction. She is a principal of your school and spend her days in principal's office. Normally, the office is off-limits to you and you can enter only if you are summoned. This can be done, if you disturb during class.

After entering the office, you cannot leave until you receive some kind of punishment for your misbehavior. Miss Mullins have a high resistance to your powers and she does not like you very much at the start so be sure to either have high Power, or bear gifts for her, otherwise you will just get punished without any positive results.

During day at 9:30, she sometimes goes to a school's toilets

If you took control of Sharon's dungeon, you can spike her drinks and punish her in the dungeon.

If the quest "Lesbian Epidemic" is finished, you can bring her Holly to punish her instead of you. You can also join them during punishment (SL4 required).

She likes: flowers


- in her office: SL1, SL2, SL3

- in her office, if you have a dildo: SL1

- if there is a janitor Will in her office: SL4

- on the school toilet: SL2

- in Sharon's dungeon: SL2, SL3