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Meg is a character in a game Total Seduction. She is a daughter of your aunt May, so she is your cousin. She is only accessible after completing quest Family Reunion and after day 21. You must travel to May's house to meet her.


Meg spends most of her days in her room, relaxing in bed. When aunt May returns from work, she can go to her room and they talk for a while. If Meg have a dildo (from start by default), she can use it around 17:30. She can go to toilet after 19:00

Seduction Quest[]

Meg has strong feelings against men and will refuse your seduction efforts. To progress with her, you must first spy on her while she is masturbating with dildo in her bed. After that you can convince aunt May to hide her dildo. Than, if you buy dildo at the shop, you can offer to help her to use it. This will unlock all additional scenes.


- While in her room, relaxing: SL1 (must have dildo), SL2, SL3

- While on toilet SL2

- While talking with May SL4 (May must have SL4 too)

- When Lila is following you SL4 (Lila must have SL4 too - also requirement for following command)

- When possessed, visit Rachel at school: SL2

- When ordered to follow, visit Erin at Strip Bar: SL4