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Marion is a character in a game Total Seduction. She is a teacher at the school. Each work day, she wait for classes at 8:30-9:30, than she is teaching until 12:00. Sometimes, she comes to school early, before classes, to visit toilets. After classes, she remains at school until 13:00. Sometimes, when students remain on detention, she is at school until 14:00 with them. Between 13:30-14:15 she may visit a shop.

You can hire Marion for private lessons, while she is at school. This costs $25. If you do that, she will come to your room that day afternoon at 15:00, and remains there until 16:00. During this time, you can start private lessons (or do something else with her, but you forfeit lessons in that case). If you take the private lessons, she can come to your living room and talk with Charlotte there for a while. Private Lessons will cost you less if you are in good terms with her.


Chocolate, Flowers


Hire Teacher

Blowjob Toilet

Sex-Ed Hustle


- While she is at the toilets before classes: SL1, SL2

- During classes, you can start Sex Education lesson, either with Noelle, or Taylor: SL4 (Noelle, or Taylor must have SL4 too)

- After classes if she is alone at the class: SL2, SL3

- After classes, if Noelle is at the detention: SL4 (Noelle must have SL4 too)

- While she is shopping, with Amy: SL4 (Amy must have SL4 too)

- While she is in your room waiting for private lessons: SL1, SL2, SL3

- After private lessons, if she is talking with Charlotte: SL4 (Charlotte must have SL4 too)

- When possessed using ring, she can visit Mark at the street and Jake at Strip Bar

- When possessed she can visit Jacob and Rachel for additional scenes

- When she is following you, you can lend her to Samuel

- After taking sedatives from dungeon, give spiked drink for more scenes in dungeon

- Pregnancy education during classes, while fully pregnant (8.stage): SL2 (PregMod must be activated)

Note: SL{n} marks what Seduction Level is required for a scene, For example, SL1, SL2 means there are two scenes, first require Seduction Level 1 and second require Seduction Level 2