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In a game Warlock of Lust, Marin is a faerie alchemist than you can convince to work for you. After acquiring first Cumdrop essence through the Jennyfer's quest Lust magic, speak with Avatar about "Magical substances". She will tell you about faeries. This will start the quest Dancing with stars. After convincing Marin to work for you, you must refurbish an alchemy lab located at the bottom level of your castle, near main gate. Marin will move to the lab the next day, after it is rebuild.

Marin will stay most of her day in the lab. Sometimes, you can find her talking with Lyria at the armory during morning or with Hesy during evening.

Marin will cook potions for you, but you must acquire recipes yourself. By default, she can create one health or mana potion per day, if you have herbs in your inventory. Herbs can be bought from the village trader, next to your castle. Cooking potion will increase Marin's interest.

If your scholar impression is high enough, you can discuss alchemy with her to raise your scholar impression even faster. Discussing alchemy will increase Marin's interest.

  • After Marin's interest above 20, you unlock footjobs from her
  • After Marin's interest above 50, you unlock bj from her
  • After Marin's interest above 80, you can discuss a possibility of intercourse. This will start a short quest to make a "lube". After the quest, Marin can make lube from herbs once per day, that can be used in various scenes with other characters.
  • When Marin is talking with Lyria, you can unlock a scene if your standing is high enough for both of them.
  • When Marin is talking with Hesy, you can unlock a scene if Marin's interest is high enough