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Hotel maid is a job you can do in a game Life of Holly. You will need to have "Fortitude" skill unlock to do this job and speak with the receptionist Kayla at the hotel about it. She will give you maid uniform, that you need to wear to do the job.

  • You can clock in for the job once each day.
  • You must clean all 8 rooms to get paid
  • If a room has "Don't disturb" sign on the door, you don't have to clean it. Even if you enter it, it always count as cleaned room.
  • Sometimes, you can find hotel guest at their rooms (better chance if there is a "Don't disturb" sign). You can interact variously with guests, depending on what they are doing and what skills you have unlocked.
  • After all 8 rooms are don, return to Kayla for payment.