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Squire Lyria is a character in the game Warlock of Lust. She had been member of an Imperial Guard squad sent to punish local bandits. The mission went sour and she was captured. While you raid the Bandit Camp nearby (a quest given by mayor Claudia) you can free Lyria, she will thankfully assist you defeating the bandits.

After battle she will join you as your squire. Lyria will stay in her room at your home, until you build up Training Grounds. After that you will find her training there. You can train together to increase your Warrior skill.

Common daily routine:

  • She is in her room during the day, if the Training Grounds are not yet rebuild.
  • She trains morning and afternoon at Training Grounds, if available, eats there at midday.
  • She is always in her room in the evenings.

To increase her Lust, ask for a massage during evenings. Eventually she becomes more bold, you have additional scenes with her.

To increase her Devotion towards you, do the following to unlock more scenes:

  • Visit her in her own room during evenings (+20 devotion)
  • Rebuild the Training Grounds (+20 devotion, -120 gold)
  • Defeat her during combat training (+20 devotion, requires 10+ Warrior skill, her Lust at 25+)
  • Get her a new armor from Sylvia (+20 devotion)

Additional scenes[]

  • If you got Cumdrop Essence in your inventory, use it on Lyria while she is eating at midday.
  • With Lust 40+ call her to the Throne at the Temple for an initiation ritual. Afterwards she can act as your assistant at the Breeding Chamber.
  • With Lust 40+ you can sent to a Harem Room (if built). This will unlock scenes with other inhabitants.
  • If you have a red pill in your inventory, you can have an additional scene with Lyria while she is training.
  • During the quest "Traditions in green", you can ask her to follow you (Lust 35+ required) to the Orc Camp to forge an alliance. There are two possibilities how to achieve this:
    • Either she will stay with the Chieftain of the Orc tribe,
    • Or, if you have a blue pill, with shaman Garrona.
  • In early stage of pregnancy, you can find Lyria at the castle toilets. In later stages, she can sometimes rest, instead of training.
  • When fully pregnant, you can send her to the delivery room.
  • There are anal scenes for Lyria, However you either need a lube for them, or Devotion >= 80.