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Luthien is an elven queen in the game Warlock of Lust. Together with her three daughters, she resides at the elven palace. You will get access to the palace after you return the Bow of Quent to Elaine. Speaking with the Luthien you will find out that she has a bad opinion of humans and will refuse to talk to you until you prove your worth to her three daughters. Each daughter is specialized in one field - first one is a scholar, second one is a warrior and the third one is an artist.

  • You must past high impression checks to progress with each daughter (50 impression in each specific field).
  • After that, each daughter will ask you to perform a task for her.
  • Warrior daughter wants to summon a centaur. You can do that after you completed "Amazons in heat" quest line.
  • Scholar daughter wants a magic scroll. You can get one from Jennyfer after you completed "Lust magic".
  • Artist daughter wants a cumdrop essence. Get one from the Avatar Moriana after you completed "Lust magic".
  • Several times during your progress of this quest line, Luthien will wait for you at the exit and talk to you when you get close. Each time, it will result in a scene. Second time, there is a test which you can pass with high Lover impression check. The extend of the last scene is dependent on the result of this test (the better you do during the test, the more options you have during the last scene).

As of version 1.4, this story line ends with the last (third one) scene with the Luthien.