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After studying poetry or philosophy at your castle library (you must study at least 5 times), you will find mention of something called Lust magic. When consulting with the Avatar, you will find out that it is a school of magic, that has been forbidden by the Order of Light long ago. Almost all books and scrolls were destroyed and most of the knowledge was lost. The last remaining place, where some traces of Lust magic could remain is the Academy of Magic.
* Travel to the Academy of Magic and speak with the magic apprentice [[Jennyfer]]. She will agree to release any Lust magic scrolls for your help.
* Travel to Jennyfer's camp at the desert and speak with her.
* Travel to the first vault and retrieve first relic for Jennyfer. Return to her and exchange the relic for a Lust magic scroll.
* Repeat the same process with second and third scroll.
* Upon returning with fourth relic, you will find out that there are no more Lust magic scrolls at Jennyfer's disposal.
* Jennyfer will return to the Academy, where you can visit here from now on.

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