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Ludus Master (or LM in short) is a managment-style adult game. The game is situated in an ancient Rome era and starts when you inherit a Ludus from your late father. Ludus is a school for roman servants and your task is to provide training for them. The core of the game is to asses the abilities and talents of new servant, select and supervise her training and if successful, complete the training with profit.

LM Change Log

Servant's training[]

Servants come from different roman provinces and have different characteristics, skills and talents. You will learn how to evaluate these to select a most effective training focus for her. Trainings currently in the game:

  • Work servant - can work in your warehouse to earn small profit and perform small house chores.
  • Farm servant - can harvest produce from farms or gather grains from hay heaps
  • Household servant - can cook food and must be trained in house etiquette
  • Baths servant - must practice various massage and relaxation techniques. Can massage customers at your villa.
  • Brothel servant - trained to please brother customers. Can serve customers at your villa.
  • Pit fighter - Can fight to death at the local pit arena.
  • Courtesan - An elite training reserved for the most beautiful servants, trained to provide maximal pleasure.

Food management[]

A large part of the game is a food management. Each member of your household eats a certain amount of food each day. Better quality food can grant learning bonuses, while starving servants don't want to learn and can even run from your villa. You can buy food rations at the market, but it is quite expensive. Better option is to buy raw food and cook it. You can also go fishing or buy land and grow crops/farm animals. Upgrade your kitchen and buy special tools for various bonuses.


Besides denarii, prestige is your second currency. You can use it to gain access to various public offices, unlock quests or special trainings. You gain prestige by doing your job correctly, but you can also organize lavish parties to boost it considerably.

Upgrade your villa[]

Your villa - ludus is not only your work place, but also your home. Before you inherited it, it has fallen into disrepair. Many of the furniture was sold or broke. Upgrade and refurbish your villa with new furniture and equipment for various bonuses.