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A quick List of Locations, and the important Parts therein[]

Terms in bold are hints on where and how to influence the main character's own Skills quickly.
Terms in italics indicate necessary Items and Ressources, how to receive and where to utilise.

Castle Zurk[]

Your outpost for the time being, a pile of rubble. Make these moist dwellings the core of your growing powers, the epicentre of your rule. Put some effort into home improvement, it is costly but it pays. Earn Favours interacting with your visitors and servants.

Here the following Places are important:[]

  • The Library - Poetry and Philosophy, for ear benders and brainos.
    • Plus a "secret way" to the foundations of powers - yeah, so cliché.
  • The Office - green-table room to battle-plan your moves and voyages.
  • The Armory - your Warrior training grounds, rebuild to build up.
  • The Servant's Quarters - who can rule without some? Enlarge these.
  • The Temple - secret, down under, where else? - Yours to use Mylord.
    • The Throne Room - comes with a divine line to other worlds, sorta.
    • The Harem and Breeding Pit - after-hour funs and testing-lab.
    • The Mines - "entrance to", actually. Not like Moria's, but... Gold!

Zurk Village[]

The vicinity of your residence, home of frolicking joys and naughty laughter. Earn Favours interacting with the local populace and subordinates.

Here the following Places are important:[]

  • The Trade Store - gifts, gadgets, juices and stuff. Get it here for cash.
  • The Cloister - a place of devotion to the right thing (Favour or Gold).
  • The Tavern - font of amusement, place to sleep over for commoners.
  • The Guard Post - en guard and ready, anytime, also for inspections.

The Imperial Court[]

Centre of the dominion, where might and power is assembling. Your former home, of dreams gone by. But soon...
P.S.: reigning supreme is so totally overrated these days. Roaming around is the new hot thing. Remember this.

Here the following Places are important:[]

  • The Throne Room - where grand politics and drama does happen they said.
  • The Library - what a fountain of old wisdoms and strange fairy tales.
  • The Guest Rooms - mostly used to house ambassadors and other leechers.
  • The Bedchamber - of her highness the Queen Regent, so lovely by night.
  • Your Bedroom - your own abode, "bed-warmer" and scheemer included.

Castle of Countess Alizabeth[]

Not your home (yet), but within your domain.

Here the following Places are important:[]

  • The Library - big winnage for those into Politics, Philosophy.
  • The Bedchamber - of the countess. Better not sleeping tight.
  • The Cellar - !!! *gulp* (she is still moving, I swear...)


A List of Locations to visit, for Raids and such[]

To be continued...

Locations on your Ways of Travel[]

  • The Taverns - places to rest and enjoy company among commoners.
    • Be prepared to pay cash to enjoy service, or rent a room for two.
  • The Farms - one man's humble home is your Horniness' toyhouse.
    • Be skilled in Love and Poetry, also - where is the mead??