Lana is Frank's daughter in Life of Holly (Jake scenario). The next day, after the TV interview with Caroline, Frank will appear in front of your house in medical district and will hire you to impregnate his daughter Lana to get a heir. You can travel to his mansion to meet them there.

Lana is a virgin, and your first scene will decide which route will you take with her:

  • You can either be gentle to start a romance route, or be rough to start the submission' route. Each route will unlock some different scenes.
  • After taking her virginity, Lana will remain in her room, doing various things around.
  • Unlike other general characters, you can have sex with her multiple times per day.
  • Raise her submission by interacting with her while she is peeing at the toilet.
  • Raise her romance by interacting with her while she is at her vanity mirror.

After reaching either 8 submission or romance, you will find out that her step-mother Livia is feeding her contraceptive pills.

  • This will unlock a beach house and give you access to Lana's step-mother.
  • Lana will wait there and have sex with you, to make Livia interested in you.
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