Princess Lana is a character in the game Warlock of Lust. She belongs to the royal family of a neighboring country, and you will be able to capture her for a ransom.

After all, that sounds like a plan, huh? Certainly her parents would desperately try all to have their little sunshine being brought back to them as soon as possible, unharmed!

However, soon you will discover she had been very spoiled by her cushioned life, and because of her pride rejected all noble suitors who ever dared to pay court to her. This might have caused such diplomatic tensions in the end, that her own father, believe it or not, is refusing to pay monies for his royal brat, for it seemed a better outcome to him if she... would just "disappear"!

So the maiden is to remain in your custody, and you as her captor are becoming her nanny. But her behaviour will certainly not be bothering you for long. As it may happen, little sunshine is in dire need of a change of attitude. You will show her spoiled!

  • Lana's story starts after completing the "Bandit Camp" quest where you free Lyria. You talk to Hesy, she has got infos "about the princess..." of a foreign country.
  • After the ransom demand is rejected Lana moves out of your castle, to an abandoned shack near the forest.
  • Visit her there to continue the quest. After each interaction you have to wait until the next day to proceed.
  • After enough visit, Lana will ask you to teach her about her sexuality. From that point on, Having a scene with her will increase her "Love" stat. Increase this stat to progress the story further.
  • Lana will tell you about some men who want to pay her for sexual favours. Encouraging her to accept their offer, or to reject them will create a fork in her story line, so choose wisely.
  • After some time and progress with Lana, you find out her shack had burned down while she was at the market. After this, Lana will move either to the castle to work for you, or to a local tavern for work as barmaid.

Lana at the castle:[edit | edit source]

  • If Lana moves in with you, she will spend her days brooming the kitchen or working the kitchen storage. Talk with her while she is brooming to lower her "Pride" stat or have scenes with her in the storage.
  • After her pride is low enough, she will become friends with maid Ella. You notice this when they will talk at the kitchen one day and you can ask them about that.
  • If Ella is friend with Lana, and not a virgin anymore, it will unlock additional scenes:
    • Ella may join you if you are fooling around at the storage (50% chance during a bj scene).
    • Lana may join you and Ella during your morning bath.
    • You can also suggest Lana (with enough "Love" stat) to make a sleep-over with Ella during night.

Lana at the tavern:[edit | edit source]

  • If you choose a sharing path for Lana, she will move to a local tavern and work there as a barmaid.
  • While she is serving customers, you can either:
    • call her to her room for a scene (to increase her "Love" stat), or
    • interact with her in front of customers (to lower her "Pride" stat).

Lowering pride will change her behaviour with customers, while increasing love will unlock more scenes with you.

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