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Life of Holly v1.2[]

  • Charlotte character rework - new model, a new seduction line and a lot of new scenes.
  • Major platform optimization. Games now run at 60 fps (formerly 30 fps) and much more smoothly. They also take less memory, start up faster. Some major bugs were removed.

Life of Holly v1.1[]

  • Main story line in Jake's scenario continues. Two new characters introduced - Supergirl and Omega Star. Major portion of this update is about dating Supergirl.
  • New scenes for Niki and the inhabitants of harem mansion.
  • Major platform upgrades, including new animations file format. This change allows specific, new types of scenes, that were not possible before. It also greatly reduce the amount of files in the game folder and speed up game loading during startup.

Life of Holly v1.0[]

  • Update to Jake's scenario - main story line added and mansion now has much more content. Various tweaks.
  • Main story line is introduced - At day 3, you will meet your new neighbor Niki in front of your apartment. The main quest line starts as a random encounter while traveling on a map. This will happen only after the TV interview and only after day 5.
  • In this version, Kayla, Sarah, Caroline, Pamela and Ellen can be invited to the mansion. You first need to buy beds for them, through the computer in your room.
  • Each invited harem member can now randomly choose from 11 different actions she will do doing the day (it was 4 actions in last version). Each action can result in a scene, if you have enough lust.
  • Cop Ellen added to the game. You can meet her at various places during the day. She can be invited to the mansion.
  • Various tweaks - TV interview can now happen after you buy silver pass (instead of golden pass in previous version). This will speed up the main quest, as well as the access to mansion. You can now invite people to mansion right after you get access to it.

Life of Holly v0.9[]

  • Entire seduction system redone for the purpose of simplification and more adult content in the game. "Interest" stat removed and "Domination"/"Submission" stats replaced with "Kink". You no longer need to do a job first to seduce customers, if their Lust is above zero. Lust cost of actions changed. Skills were redone to accommodate these changes.
  • Hotel in the Red light district is now open and you can do a maid job there, interacting with hotel guests.
  • More content for Walter, provided by a supporter from Patreon.

Life of Holly v0.8[]

  • Jake's scenario update, Lana's story concluded - you can finally impregnate Lana and gain full access to the mansion as a reward.
  • The mansion has 4 empty rooms, where you can invite people to live in. As of this version, you can invite Pamela, Kayla, nurse Sarah and reporter Caroline.
  • Inviting a girl to the mansion will unlock additional scenes in her new room. In later versions, you will be able to organize different themed parties at the mansion with girls living there.
  • Four new skills added to the skill tree, each unlocking a different type of scenes. Most in-game characters have one or more scenes unlockable by these skills (around 30 new scenes altogether in this version).

Life of Holly v0.75[]

  • Additions to Jake's scenario - beach and a beach house with Livia
  • Lana's story continues with her step-mother Livia. After Lana's confession that Livia is feeding her contraceptives, you will gain access to a beach house, where your goal is to seduce Livia.
  • Beach is now open from the start of the game. You will find generic NPCs there at various places as well as a lifeguard Pamela. As for now, you can get access to Pamela through your passes (she is a silver level), however there is more content planned for her in following version

Life of Holly v0.7[]

  • Porn studio opened with porn star job available. After unlocking required skill, you will first have to pass an audition. There are different outcomes, depending on which skills have you already unlocked. Better outcome will allow you to shoot more scenes. However, even if the audition will not go well, you will be able to unlock the same scene by working more in the porn star business. There are currently 4 different porn scenes that can be shoot (only one per day).
  • People on the street can now recognize you as a porn star. The more movies you have shoot, the better is the probability. If someone recognize you, you can exchange favors for money with them.
  • Church is now available with priest Joseph and sister Veronica. You can go to the confession with Jospeh, which can have 5 different outcomes. Veronica can initiate you into a nun order, if you have compassion skill. You can work as a nun in a soup kitchen next to the church. Veronica will also punish you if you confess to her about your actions.
  • Several small tweaks and bug fixes. People will retain some interest in you after you have scene with them, so you can build relationship with them - they will have more lust next time you will meet them.

Life of Holly v0.6[]

  • Multiple new characters, including TV anchor Megan, reporter Caroline, billionaire Frank and his daughter Lana, maid Maria or teacher Marion
  • Two new story-lines: one centered around TV station and the second one around your new mansion.
  • Premium users can now rename characters by pressing Ctrl+C (premium code must be activated)
  • After reaching full pregnancy, you can now choose "Baby delivery" option to reset pregnancy counter for a specific woman.
  • New scenes for existing characters

Life of Holly v0.5[]

  • Sound effects for sex scenes added. X-ray vision added (can be disabled in main menu/option, or through setup.exe)
  • New locations added: church and hospital. Main quest slightly changed - now starts at hospital.
  • NPCs added to other locations, including supermarket, hair saloon, nightclub, park. There are also two level 2 Patreon exclusive scenes (cashier at the supermarket and an occasional bachelorette party at the nightclub).
  • Post-sex cinematic added for many scenes. NPCs will now react to your actions and performance.
  • Many bug fixes and existing mechanics reworks. Due to this, old saves are still not compatible with this version.

Life of Holly v0.45[]

  • Random NPCs system rework. Now you can meet same NPCs in different places and at different times.
  • Impregnation mechanics added. You need to have sex with a woman four times to achieve full impregnation. After this, your "pregnancies" counter will increase. You will need a specific number of pregnancies to buy new passes (1 preg. for Silver pass, 3 for Gold, 6 for Platinum)
  • Schoolgirl Kelly and her mother Peggy added to the game. Roommates Charlotte and Holly added.
  • Changes to sex scenes control - changing positions back now possible.
  • New wiki page for Life of Holly (Jake scenario)

Life of Holly v0.4[]

  • Jake - Platinum pass scenario added. It will allow you to play as Jake and buy different passes to gain access to girls.
  • In this version, only random NPCs are present in the game and you can have scene with all of them (if you have appropriate pass). You can find women in health center, school, coffee house, gym, strip bar, red light district and night club. Each girl has different social level, mostly based on her wealth. For example, if you bought a Bronze pass (lowest level), you will gain access to bronze social level girls (mostly hookers, or strippers). For higher level girls, you will need better, more expensive pass.
  • You can work at three different jobs (if you unlock appropriate skills).

Life of Holly v0.3[]

  • House starting location added in Hot springs district. Your roommates at the house are Jake and Charlotte. Starting here will make "Flat" location with Walter unavailable.
  • Two new jobs - Stripper and Hooker are now available after unlocking necessary skills. Both are in Red light district and generate high "interest" for subsequent sexual favors in your customers.
  • Several new locations, including Sex shop, Pharmacy, Strip bar...
  • Sound effects added to sex scenes (FM scenes only for now). Sound system was completely redone - it should now allocate less system memory, preventing some "out of memory" errors. Unlike previous method, where sound effects were defined for each scene, effects are now proceduraly generated based on the situation the player currently is.
  • Several other tweaks, including few new items or job bonuses granted from clothing were added.

Life of Holly v0.2[]

  • Added two new locations. Hospital in Hot Spring district with doctor Greg and the ability to work as a nurse. Doctor Greg can also perform plastic surgery on you. Barn can be accessed through the map. You will find Bobby here during the day and ask him to work as milking/licking/breeding cow. You can also use cows already present in the barn for some experience.
  • Generic female NPCs added to the game. You can find them in the coffee house and massage parlor as customers and provide "special" services for them.
  • Several bugfixes and tweaks to reduce grinding - resting and exercising now recover two physical/mental stats instead of one. Price of food reduced. You now earn more experience form all sources, thus leveling up faster.
  • Large rendering optimization done - game should run much smoother, even on older computers.

Life of Holly v0.11[]

- Bugfix version - major memory leaks identified and repaired. Bugs concerning energy and nourishment corrected. No new game content.

Life of Holly v0.1[]

- Game made playable. Day/night change, player's states and attributes functional, most skills functional. Three functional stores: general store in residential district, supermarket and boutique at city center are all functional and selling basic set of items and around 20 pieces of clothing.

- Added characters: Bobby and Walter. Opened night club, beauty salon and functional sauna.

- Additional functionality, such as fast travel, active player state (hungry, drunk...). Scenario selection display added (only first scenario is available, rest is only for view).