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Apprentice Jennyfer is a character in the game Warlock of Lust. She is also a first character in the game that has a voice-over. You will meet her after starting the quest line Lust Magic (study poetry or philosophy at least 5 times at your castle's library).

She will aid you in the research of spells and potions from the "Lust Magic" domain, you may test their effectiveness with her while you two are at it. But in return for her support, you must help save valuable relics from a necromancer.

  • Recover the first relic to try the "Spiritual Dick" spell on her.
  • Recover a second relic to try "Mana Orb" passive with her.
  • Recover third relic to gain knowledge of "Cumdrop Essence". She can also taste a sample of it.
  • After recovering a fourth relic, she thanks you by allowing to use your wand with her bum bum.

After completing the quest, you can pay Jennyfer a visit at the Academy of Magic, where she will have sex with you once per day (sadly premium content only).

If asked about pregnancy, Jennyfer will tell you that mages are allowed to get pregnant only by other Academy mages. She will suggest a way how to become an associate mage. This will require to write a thesis on the cumdrop essence with Harmony. Writing a thesis consist of experimental part and work on the text. Follow Harmony's instructions to go through it. Once finished, Jennyfer can become pregnant and can be sent to the delivery room if fully pregnant.

  • If you impress Jennyfer with a high Scholar skill, you will unlock a bonus scene with her.
  • She will help you with quests All-Mother and Three daughters. Each time unlocking new scenes with her.