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Jen is a character in a game Total Seduction. She is a first randomly generated character in the game. That means, each time the game starts, she will look different (however her appearance will remain the same during the gameplay). If you don't like her look and you have cheat codes active through the premium code, you can change her look randomly any time by pressing Ctrl+R.

Jen is a secretary and as of version v1.1, she only appears sometimes at shop in between 8:30 and 9:30 and each day at the gym in between 16:30-19:30. She will play larger role in future versions.


- While at the shop, you can convince her to visit changing cabin: SL1, SL3

- While at the locker in gym, you can lure her to the glory-hole: SL1, SL2

- When she is exercising at the bench, with Misty: SL4 (Misty must have SL4 too)

- When she is taking shower in a locker room: SL2

Note: SL{n} marks what Seduction Level is required for a scene, For example, SL1, SL2 means there are two scenes, first require Seduction Level 1 and second require Seduction Level 2