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Jake is a male character in a game Total Seduction. He is a patron at the local Strip Bar and a coworker of Charlotte. He will come to the Strip Bar each day at 19:00 and watch Erin strip. If Erin have Seduction Level 4, you can initiate a scene with her and Jake directly on the stage.

If you gain the ability to possess other characters, you can come to Jake in most girl's bodies and he will pay $30 for a private time. If you bring Noelle while she is still a virgin, he will pay $120.

If Charlotte is corrupted to level 2 she will sometimes bring Jake to her room after work at 13:00 to have good times with him. If you have SL4 with Charlotte, you can join them.

You can talk with Jake about his work, while he is relaxing at the strip bar. Doing so will start the quest "Porn Star".