The auld Roll of Wisdom

Being a small List of Stuffs (Items and Spells)

...and Advice on what to do with these, and where and when.

(Assembled & compiled off sources of old age by father C., abbot of Brethren of U., in the parish of M.)

General Items: [edit | edit source]

  • Flowers, scarfs, trinkets, ... - bling-bling and such.

As the saying "as pretty as a flower" goes. In the village near your home purchase gifts from the trade shop. Present them to your local and loyal villagers and servants, to win hearts and charm your way into their panties. 

  • Simple Potions - use for combat, heal battle damage. Taste disgusting. Buy at village near your home. 
  • Artefacts - ancient weapons, relics, stuff. Chicks like stuff. You like chicks? Know what - get 'em (quests).
  • Magica - spells, mostly. Cause havoc with supreme gentlemans' attitude, get laid. Learn some (quests).
  • ...

Specific Items: [edit | edit source]

Really essential accessoirs which will aid you in your quest to conquer the throne. More to come... 

  • Cumdrop Essence - ingredient, said to spice up things. See Jennyfer, Ella, Lyria
  • Sacred Dildo - helps overcome reluctance to "let flow". See DianaMoriana
  • ...
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