The auld Roll of Wisdom

Being a small List of Stuffs (Items and Spells)

...and Advice on what to do with these, and where and when.

(Assembled & compiled off sources of old age by father C., abbot of Brethren of U., in the parish of M.)

General Items: [edit | edit source]

  • Flowers, Scarfs, Trinkets, ... - bling-bling and such.

As the saying "as pretty as a flower" goes. In the village near your home purchase gifts from the trade shop. Present them to your local and loyal villagers and servants, win hearts and charm your way into their panties. 

  • Simple Potions - use for combat, heal battle damage. Taste disgusting. Buy at village near your home. 
  • Artefacts - ancient relics and stuff. Chicks like stuff. You like chicks? Get some. See Elaine.
  • Magica - spells (active), aurae (passive) mostly. Learn 'em, add some. See Jennyfer.
    • "Mana Orb", aura. Surge magical juices off enemies, rock hard on the battlefield.
    • "Spiritual Dick", spell. Cause havoc with supreme gentlemans' attitude, get laid.
  • ...

Specific Items: [edit | edit source]

Essential accessoirs which will aid in your struggle to conquer the throne. Gained following quests for power.

  • Cumdrop Essence - powerful ingredient, said to spice things if digested. See Jennyfer, Ella, Lyria
  • Sacred Dildo - helping even the stubbornest overcome reluctance to "let flow". See DianaMoriana
  • Pills - wonders of modern alchemy, rumors of dick horse side effect are just that. See Garrona.
  • Shape-shift Ring - One Ring, to blind them,... Forever to bind them... To your Horniness. See Elaine.
  • ...
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