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Scribe Hesy is a character in the game Warlock of Lust. You can find the naughty girl early on, being captured by the Order of Light at their Monastery when you raid the location.

After you free her, she will come with you and serve as your loyal scribe. You can meet her often, as she is staying at the Library in your new home all day long, she will never leave her place.

If Marin or Dora are at the castle, they will sometime visit Hesy for good time. In both cases, you can join in. If you are impersonating Pyia with a shapeshifting ring (her pregnancy quest), you can seduce Hesy.

Visiting scribe Hesy and talking to her regularely can benefit you in one way or the other:

  • She will act as advisor in political matters, can give you quests to fulfill, if you ask what to do next.
  • Turns out she is not interested in you, but provides services for gold. Increase your Lover skill.
  • Speak with her about a "Bandit Camp" that had been set up recently, to start the Lyria story line.
  • Speak with her about this one "Elven princess" at the Imperial Court, to start the Elaine story line.
  • Also talk "about the Princess" from a foreign realm after the bandit raid, to start the Lana story line.
  • Keep talking to her for more quests, about which she is gathering info for you.