Doctor Greg is a character in Life of Holly game. He works at the local hospital, where you can visit him.

  • You can ask him to do a gynecology exam for you. This will increase his interest in you.
  • After gaining enough interest and rising his Lust to at least 30, you can ask him for discount on surgeries for a "special" service.
  • You can ask to "Get breasts implants" (costs $100 or $60 after discount). This will increase the volume of your boobs. Can be performed up to 5 times.
  • You can ask to "Get nose surgery" (costs $50 or $30 after discount). This will give you smaller nose. Can be performed 2 times.
  • You can ask him about the Nurse job (after "Nursing" skill is unlocked). He will enroll you on nursing course that starts at 18:00 each day at hospital. You must attend at least 5 lectures to work as a nurse.
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