Garrona is an orcish shaman in the game Warlock of Lust. After capturing Diana, you can speak with Hesy about a letter from an orcish tribe. Garrona will invite you to discuss an alliance. To seal the deal, you must provide sufficient partner for her or the orcish chief. There are several ways how to do this:

  • If you offer yourself, you will fail to please her due to "anatomical differences". This will however trigger an option to ask Avatar of Lust for help. She will provide you with either a red pill, or a blue pill. Either pill will help you complete the quest.
  • You can ask a female character to follow you to the orc camp. Anna, Ella, Lyria, Pyia, Diana, Lana or Dora can do this, but only after you have already seduced them. You can offer them to the orc chief to seal the deal.
  • If any of the female npc is following you and you have a blue pill in your inventory, Garrona can take the place of the chief instead, to seal the deal.
  • You can also offer to summon a centaur for Garrona, which she will happily accept.

After the ritualistic deal has been completed, the quest line ends in version 1.2.

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