Garrona is an Orcish Shaman in the game Warlock of Lust. After capturing Diana in a quest you should speak with Hesy about a letter, received from a tribe of Orcs.

Garrona will invite you to negotiate an alliance. To get this done and gain powerful new allies, you must provide a "sufficing" partner for herself, or for the Chief of the Orc tribe. There are several ways how to do this:

  • If you offer yourself, you will fail to please Garrona, due to "anatomical differences".
    • This will however trigger an option to ask Moriana, the Avatar of Lust, for advice and help.
    • She provides you with a red pill or blue pill for the inventory. With either you can finish the quest.
  • You can ask a specific female character (NPC) to follow you to the Orc Camp for the task of "negotiating".
  • Anna, Ella, Lyria, Pyia, Diana, Lana or Dora will, but only if you seduced them (see entries for details).
    • If they are willing to come with you, you may offer one to the Orc Chieftain to reach an agreement.
    • With a female NPC and a blue pill with you, Garrona can take the Chief's place and seal the deal.
  • You can offer to summon a Centaur, which she happily accepts (if you ran out of pills, or keep your NPCs).

After the ritualistic deal has been completed, this questline ends in version 1.2.

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