Maid Ella is a character in the game Warlock of Lust. With her mother Anna she is working as a servant at your new home, and welcoming you as you arrive.

A simple inexperienced girl, Ella just wants to serve you well. Pay more attention towards her to help her with this. Her common daily routine:

  • Cleaning your bedroom in the morning.
  • Eating meal in the kitchen at midday.
  • Cleaning main hall in the afternoon.
  • Sleeping in servant's quarters with Anna in the evening.

Increase her Lust by teaching her about the male body:

  • A good opportunity for this is during your morning baths.
  • When you two are alone in the main hall in the afternoon.

Increase her Devotion to unlock more scenes with her:

  • Talk to her often (devotion +20)
  • Give her flowers (devotion +20, Gold -10)
  • Recite a poem (devotion +20, requires Artist skill 5+)
  • Give her a trinket (devotion +20, Gold -25)
  • Perform a serenade (devotion +20, requires Artist skill 15+)

Additional scenes for Ella[edit | edit source]

  • Gaining Devotion of 60 with both Anna and Ella, have sex lessons at night to teach Ella about sensuality.  
  • If you have got Cumdrop Essence in your inventory, use it on Ella while she is eating at midday
  • If Lana moves to you she and Ella may become best friends (if Lana's Pride is low enough).
    • After Ella had lost her virginity this will unlock additional scenes with both. See Lana entry for details. 
  • With a Sacred Dildo in your inventory, and enough Lust, an additional scene with her will unlock.
  • With Lust 40+ Ella can be sent to a Harem Room (if built), unlocking scenes with other inhabitants.
  • If you got a red pill in your inventory, you can have an additional scene with Ella during morning baths.
  • During the quest "Traditions in green", you can ask Ella to follow you (Lust 35+ required) to the Orc Camp to forge an alliance. There are two possibilities how to achieve this:
    • Either she will become the mistress of the Orc Chieftain,
    • Or, if you have a blue pill, of the shaman Garrona.

Your maid Ella

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