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Maid Ella is a character in the game Warlock of Lust. With her mother Anna she is working as a servant at your new home, and welcoming you as you arrive.

A simple inexperienced girl, Ella just wants to serve you well. Pay more attention towards her to help her with this. Her common daily routine:

  • Cleaning your bedroom in the morning.
  • Eating meal in the kitchen at midday.
  • Cleaning main hall in the afternoon.
  • Sleeping in servant's quarters with Anna in the evening.
  • There is a small chance that Ella will be at different place than her daily routine dictates.

Increase her Lust by teaching her about the male body:

  • A good opportunity for this is during your morning baths.
  • When you two are alone in the main hall in the afternoon.

Increase her Devotion to unlock more scenes with her:

  • Talk to her often (devotion +20)
  • Give her flowers (devotion +20, Gold -10)
  • Recite a poem (devotion +20, requires Artist skill 5+)
  • Give her a trinket (devotion +20, Gold -25)
  • Perform a serenade (devotion +20, requires Artist skill 15+)

As of v1.5 Ella can get pregnant (after loosing her virginity). Her pregnancy will progress with each scene (so it is not time based). Pregnancy will unlock additional scenes.

Slutty maid costume[]

After finishing the quest "The Lusty Elven Maid" (it starts when you find the book in your library), you can give Ella the "Slutty maid costume". If she has the costume, you can change her appearance (hair color, breast size...). If slutty magic is active in the costume, Ella can also join scenes with other characters inside the castle, namely Lyria, Marin and Elaine.

Additional scenes for Ella[]

  • Gaining Devotion of 60 with both Anna and Ella, have sex lessons at night to teach Ella about sensuality.  
  • If you have got Cumdrop Essence in your inventory, use it on Ella while she is eating at midday
  • If Lana moves to you she and Ella may become best friends (if Lana's Pride is low enough).
    • After Ella had lost her virginity this will unlock additional scenes with both. See Lana entry for details. 
  • With a Sacred Dildo in your inventory, and enough Lust, an additional scene with her will unlock.
  • With Lust 40+ Ella can be sent to a Harem Room (if built), unlocking scenes with other inhabitants.
  • If you got a red pill in your inventory, you can have an additional scene with Ella during morning baths.
  • During the quest "Traditions in green", you can ask Ella to follow you (Lust 35+ required) to the Orc Camp to forge an alliance. There are two possibilities how to achieve this:
    • Either she will become the mistress of the Orc Chieftain,
    • Or, if you have a blue pill, of the shaman Garrona.
  • There is a small chance that Ella will not follow her daily routine. You can sometimes find her at Lydia's bed in the morning, at the kitchen storage at midday (only if she is pregnant) or at your office, neat map, at afternoon. Each situation can lead to a scene.