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Princess is a character in the game Warlock of Lust. She is appointed ambassador of the Elven nation to the Imperial Court.

After freeing scribe Hesy from the Monastery, she will advise you to travel to the court to gain Elaine's support for your cause, giving you a new quest Song of Elves. But first you need to hone your Artist skill more...

When you arrive at the court, the princess will be found at a guest room. During evenings she will typically perform a traditional Elven dance at her room. To gain Elaine's support, you must complete different tasks. She will give you the first one after you gain 20+ Devotion with her. While you're "spreading intrigue" with your handmaiden by day, do not forget to visit Elaine too at evenings.

Increase Elaine's devotion and lust to fulfill tasks and unlock more scenes with her:

  • Study and read some Poetry to her (+5 Devotion, requires Artist skill 20+)
  • To increase Elaine's Lust, you must first raise her devotion to 10+ at least.
  • Then visit her during evenings, while she is dancing, push her lust to the 20s.
  • Return the Bow of Quent to her (+40 Devotion, part of "Song of Elves" quest) this will unlock an access to the elven palace.
  • After bringing her the "Bow of Quent" you can invite Elaine to your castle.
  • If you finished her questline and she resides with you, hire her "Elven Scouts".
  • She will tell you about the Queen Regent's current affair with that bard, Dale.
  • Him freed from trouble, Elaine will lend "The One Ring", to shift perspectives.