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Sharon's dungeon is a place where she takes her clients for a special therapy. You will gain access to the dungeon after you take Noelle's virginity and have Seduction Level 1 (SL1) with Sharon. In that case, if you visit her while she is relaxing in her room after 15:00, she will offer you a tea. The tea contains sedatives, as Sharon has decided to punish you for your misbehaving. You will be transported to the dungeon. You cannot leave until Sharon will punish you at least once. After that, you will get an option to leave the dungeon when speaking to her. You can also ask Sharon to revisit the dungeon when you speak with her after 15:00 while she is relaxing (select "I need Punishment" option).

If you have enough Power, you can dominate Sharon while you are in the dungeon. This will open new scenes with her, as well as make the sedatives available (you can find them in the white cabinet). After you have sedatives and some booze in you inventory, you can use spiked booze to lure other people to the dungeon. This option is available for following persons:

  • Luna, while she is in computer room
  • Noelle while she is relaxing at her bed
  • Miss Mullins in her office
  • Holly in the library
  • Charlotte - If you talk to Sharon while Charlotte is visiting her at 9:20 Saturday morning and you have been in the dungeon before, you will have an option to drink a tea with them. This will transport all three of you to the dungeon.