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Maid Dora is a character in a Warlock of Lust. She is servant of countess Alizabeth and you will meet her during the quest Red Lust given to you by Sallia.

After finishing the quest, and if countess Alizabeth is no longer at the castle (she escaped capture or died), you can convince Dora to move to your place.

Attention: for this to happen you need to refurbish in the servant's quarters a room for her first, before finishing the quest with Alizabeth and Sallia.

When she is with you you do not need extra effort to seduce Dora, but you can have only one scene with the maid per day. Here is where to meet her:

  • If Lyria's room is empty during morning (i.e. you built the Training Grounds already), Dora will make the bed there (possible scene).
  • Later she will clean the library. If Hesy is there, she may initiate a scene. If you are present you can join.
  • At night she will sleep in her servant's room, which you had rebuild for her before you took her in (possible scene).
  • During the quest "Traditions in green", you can ask Dora to follow you to the Orc Camp to forge an alliance. There are two possibilities how to achive this:
    • Either she will stay there with the Chieftain of the Orc tribe,
    • Or, if you have got a blue pill, with the shaman Garrona.