Maid Dora is a character in a Warlock of Lust. She is servant of countess Alizabeth and you will meet her during the quest Red Lust given to you.

After finishing the quest, and if countess Alizabeth is no longer at the castle, you can convince Dora to move to your place (if you refurbish another room in the servant's quarters first).

You do not need to seduce Dora, but you can have only one scene with the maid per day. Here is where to meet her:

  • If Lyria's room is empty during morning, Dora will make the bed there (possible scene).
  • Later she will clean the library. If Hesy is there, she may initiate a scene. If you are present you can join.
  • At night she will sleep in her servant's room, which you rebuild for her (possible scene).
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