Amazon princess Diana is a character in the game Warlock of Lust. She happens to be sister of queen regent Augusta, our lovely and sympathetic ruler. You will meet this mighty heroine during the progress of the game.

After a raid on the Centaur Shrine had taken place (a quest given to you by your Avatar after having Pyia captured), the warrior princess decides to investigate that particular event in person. You may contemplate taking it as an opportunity to, well, "invite her" to your humble abode...

Be careful, Diana will bring a large suite with her, so stack up on potions (village), hone your skill set by training (fighting, spell casting) at home and doing occasional plundering first (to level up).

After capturing Diana is placed in a dungeon cell like Pyia. Call her to the Throne to ask for entertainment.

  • Diana will refuse at first and you may need to have a talk with Moriana about your guest.
  • With her reaching 35 Lust you can start an "Initiation rite" with Diana to turn her to your side. After completion she moves to the guard post outside your castle.
  • After Diana took up her post you can hire extra guards for your castle. Up to three virgins you can employ, each is placed at a different station and with different scenes to unlock.
  • Do inspect your guards, if they really are still virgins. During each inspection there is a 35% chance they may not be one anymore (damn peasants!) - you can punish her afterwards for being a bad girl.
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