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Jake helping Charlotte with Yoga

Charlotte is your roommate in Life of Holly (Jake scenario). She can be found at the kitchen in morning and afternoon, watching TV, doing Yoga, showering at the evening and sleeping in her bed during night.

As of v1.3, Charlotte has been reworked - she has new model a seduction line and a lot of new scenes. Lvl 2 premium users can also change her appearance, name and relation. Her new stat - Interest, is an indicator of how much progress you have with her. Interact with her to increase her Interest and unlock more scenes.

She has a platinum level and you can immediately get her Interest to 100 if you have platinum pass. This will however skip some of the scenes form her seduction line, so if you want to see all scenes with her, it is recommended not to use the pass.


  • While cooking, you can "hug her" to start interaction. Later, with higher interest, there are more options
  • While watching TV, you can "join her" to start interactions - again, more options with higher interest. With "Submissive" skill unlocked, there is a bonus scene.
  • She will do various Yoga exercises every second day in her bedroom. Unlock scenes with Interest. Different Yoga poses will unlock different scenes
  • While showering in the evening, you can spy on her and later join her in the shower. "Dominant" skill will unlock a bonus scene here.
  • While sleeping, you can talk with her and later cuddle with her. More options with higher interest.