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Caroline is a TV reporter in Life of Holly (Jake scenario). After buying Gold pass from doctor Greg, he will tell you about a news report and will give you visitor's pass for a local TV station. You can enter the SNN station in a city center with a pass any day after 18:00.

  • Speak with the Caroline to start the interview
  • After the interview, she will tell you about her field reports. From now on you can meet her around the city. There is a 30% chance, she will be at the main city square before lunch, in front of the hospital around lunch or at the red light district after lunch.
  • If you find her during her field report, you can have a scene with her, after which she will give you a one-time usable visitor's pass to the TV station. This will allow you to interact with Megan there.
  • If you meet her at the city and you have a mansion unlocked, you can invite her to live there with you.