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Is a quest in the game Warlock of Lust. The quest will start after Hesy notices Ella's pregnancy (after few scenes with Ella, go to Hesy and talk about her). Hesy will tell you about a secret seminary of the Order, where candidates for high priestesses are trained. She mentions a rule, that every cadidate who get pregnant is automatically excluded from the program. However she does not know where the seminary is located.

  • Hesy sends you to Pyia to get more info about the seminary. You can ask Pyia only after initiation rites are done and she is at the altar at the cloister. Pyia will write you note for Hesy
  • Go back to Hesy. She will require 100 gold nad 50 influence for brides and connections. When you deliver these, you can travel to the seminary as a new teacher.
  • Upon arrival, you will find four seminarians there: Annabelle, Liv, Maria and Zara there. Three of the seminarians are cooperative, Liv however has a deep mistrust for all men and could cause a trouble.
  • Present daily lectures and make personal consultations with students to increase their corruption.
  • After a practical demonstration during a lecture, you will notice that Liv is interested in woman. Suggest her that Anabelle needs a female model and that she should do it. From that point, there is a chance that each time, Anabelle is painting, Liv will be there as a model. During these sessions, you can corrupt Liv too.
  • After a seminarian reaches 100% corruption, you can start impregnating her. Each student need 5 scenes to get fully pregnant
  • When each of the seminarian is 100% pregnant, the quest is completed.